Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Look Back at 2011

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What a year!!  I keep hoping for a successful and profitable year, just a break even year would be nice.

In January we were busy with school and projects.  We went to Kalahari with our family and my mom ended up with a MERSA infection and spent several months in and out of the hospital that resulted in her needing to have her replacement knee removed temporarily and a new one finally put back in at the end of August.

January also took Lydia and Joe to their first Father/Daughter Dance.  She had so much fun and has talked non-stop about the next one.

I could type forever.  We had alot of firsts this year, and what family doesn't.  We ended up not moving to Tennessee.  We had massive medication roller coasters for both the boys throughout the year, including a trip in an ambulance for Joey in December because of an adverse reaction.

Brayden regressed during the year to not talking, to not wanting to leave the house and back into pull-ups.  At one point he actually went non-verbal on us (a possible medication side-effect).  We have to fight each trip out of the house with him.  He will leave with our dog Rocky, after fighting and kicking and screaming.  A trip to Toledo over the weekend resulted in us getting kicked repeatedly while trying to get him dressed.  It takes two people to get him ready now.  I keep getting told it will get better, but the doctor isn't the one with him 24 hours a day.  Kind of hard to see the bright light.

Lydia has started working harder on her phonic and seems to be ready to take off reading.  She is doing a wonderful job.  Her list of site words has started increasing!  Also doing wonderful in Math.  As she is growing older though, her ADHD is definitely becoming more prominent.

Caty graduated to a bigger bike.  She is picking up on so many things, both good and bad. lol.  Our little, lover of purple, started in her love of Barbies and Polly Pockets.  Her pretend play really took off this year.  She also has started playing more on the computer and has excellent mouse skills.

We had two trips to Tennessee with Dad.  Visited Mammoth Cave, KY.  A few trips to Cedar Point Amusement Park.  Started themed movie weekends, which we will not carry on through this next year, most likely once a month.  Visited many museums and parks, unfortunately not always as a family because of Brayden.  We stayed very...very...busy.

We had lots of cooking projects, and have been working very hard to start healthier eating and cooking.   Fewer processed foods, and less eating out.  In fact, the family went 6 weeks without eating food from a restaurant. Whoohooo!!  They broke it over the weekend, when they got Arby's and Subway during a recent outing.

We survived 2011....hoping for a smoother 2012.  But if we survived this past year, hopefully we'll survive the next year also!


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  2. I love finding more ways to be healthier! I wish I could desire to cook more...
    Best wishes!

  3. Seems like you all had a trying year. I hope for a better/more joyful 2012 for you and your family. It's great to see the milestones your child goes through, isn't it? I just love being able to watch my daughter learn something new or shoot even teach me something. (LOL) In kindergarten, they're doing geometry and I was blown away by this. Several times throughout the past few months, Lil Miss taught Mommy and Daddy something new.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. Great post :) I am looking forward to eating better and cooking and baking alot more with/for my kids once we get moved and settled. I am following you :) So please come check out my blog if you like

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