Friday, January 6, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 31

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

I signed up for my first 5K run.  Scared and excited.  Started my training program and started having chest pains....ugh.  Went to the doctor because it was happening when my heart rate was increasing.  He said the muscles in my chest were swollen because of my fibromyalgia.  Gave no extra room for my heart to beat faster.  So a med for muscles, and just push on.  

I'm working on a little business for Joey.  He's pretty excited to get started and so am I. But it's a matter of testing product and getting more organized.  My poor little office/work area is about explode at the seams!  No extra room.

In our homeschool....

We fell behind in our school schedule this week.  Massive attention span issues and extra errands for my mom.  We almost got everything done though.  Will finish tomorrow afternoon. Yeah on a Saturday, but hey....they got Thursday off, Monday, and half of Wednesday.  So I think a little work on History on Saturday afternoon is not a huge deal!

We did get our brief study of Alaska done though, and learned quite a bit.  I strayed a bit from the normal state study.  Used alot of Discovery Channel material on Alaska....there's a ton out there!!!!  

Places we're going and people we're seeing....

Joey had his first basketball game of the season the other day.  He did so well!!!!  Our team won....GO COUGARS!!!!  Joey even scored, with the help of his team mates.  We have such a wonderful group of caring kids!!!  

Other than guitar lessons, we stayed home most of the week.  I had to run my mom on a couple errands, but the kids pretty much stayed home.  Next week will be busier with zoo class, doctor appointments and World Travelers Club.  Oh and we signed up for Young Scientist Camp at Imagination Station and we are going to meet Sid the Science Kid!!!

What's not working for us.....

Errands!!!  Errands!!!  Errands!!!  Our kids have such a difficult time with attention span that interruptions like this just about kill our entire school day.  I am working on this though, because unfortunately I am afraid the interruptions will never stop.

Things I'm working on....

I am attempting the 31 Days to Clean Challenge.  It's not a daily thing for me, so it will take me more than 31 days to complete the challenge.  I try to carve out time, but there are just only so many waking hours in the day.  Go figure.  I am not going to give up though.

I am also working on a small business for Joey.  Something that he can learn about how to run a small business and even possibly make a bit of money on it.  Should be pretty cool when we get it going.

I'm reading....


Andrew Pavel, by all outward appearances, lives a normal life. He has a beautiful wife, Erica, and two great kids, Nathan and Eileen. His brother and sister are his best friends and his parents drive him crazy. But behind closed doors, normal is slipping away from a depressed and anxious Andrew. Nathan's recent diagnosis of autism leaves Andrew grasping at therapies and Erica in denial. Their differences lead them to seek a divorce. And just when Andrew could use some emotional support, his parents announce that they're going through their own divorce. As events unfold and relationships continue to evolve, past secrets come to light, threatening the positive level that Andrew and Erica have struggled to achieve. The tested bonds of friendship and the fragility of family prove that change, whether subtle or volatile, is unavoidable. Andrew must learn that when things will never be normal again, you have to find a new normal, and make peace with it, before you can find peace in yourself

****I will probably regret reading this book.  I usually regret reading any book involving autism.  I usually end up depressed when I am done.  When you live it daily, reading about someone else's life doesn't give you much hope.  But I read about it on another person's blog and thought I would give it a try.

I'm cooking....

We made Native American Fry Bread today for our Alaska food.  It was very yummy.  I found a gluten free version.  But we cheated and used a GF Bread Mix from Bob's Red Mill.  I should have used the recipe we found online instead.  But it was still yummy.

Last week, we baked GF Choco Chip Cookies and Brownies.  They were also good, but still a work in progress.

Pictures to share.....

I have a couple.  First is from the bball game the other day. 

See my baby actually listening to the coach!!!  Arms up and guarding!  whoohooo!!!

 It was 50 degrees outside January!!!  So some of the kids and I took a short bike ride.  It was a little windy when we got out on the side streets, so we didn't stay out long, but we rode and then took the dog for a short walk too.

Isn't Rocky stylin' in his new winter jacket?!?!  It's even got a hood, but his harness wouldn't let us put his hood up.  Too cute!

Everyone have a great weekend!!!  See what other mom's have been up to at Homeschool Chick.

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