Friday, January 6, 2012

Where do you hide?

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I have no idea.  We are so cramped in our house.  I don't really have a special place to hide.  When we lived in Fort Wayne, I loved to go down the street to a locally owned coffee shop.  They had an awesome turkey/guac sandwich.  Some coffee and I was a happy mama.  But here, well we really do live in the middle of fields.  

I don't really get to take off and do too much stuff just because.  I do get to run errands on my own usually.  So the grocery store, or hobby store even.  But I try to hurry back, because I know how much of a handful our house gets when you are alone.

I think my only alone time is at 5 am when I drag my butt onto the treadmill.  I am usually ok, unless one of the kids wakes up early.  Then it's a constant watching out into the garage to see what mom is doing.  Or requests for hugs....or asking what I am doing.  

Some days I wish I could hide a bit more, but I remember that this is the lifestyle we chose.  And even when I am exhausted and barely able to stand anymore.....I still love them all.  And look forward to the next time I feel like getting on the treadmill!!!

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