Friday, January 20, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 33

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

WOW!!! Another wonderful week..(my best attempt at sarcasm).  The kids have been fighting horribly.  They can't even breathe in another's direction without blowing up!  I have not been able to keep up with anything outside of our schoolwork.  I am behind on everything.  Clean laundry is piled up, Joey's new business is still sitting on the backburner, and I am behind on getting our Special Olympics Bowl-a-thon flyers in the mail.  

The kids have been completely disrespectful and rude all week.  I have tried everything.  They are driving us crazy!!  Brayden has regressed to barking and screaching, yesterday he started standing on his head on the couch.  Yeah, our house has been unpleasant to be anywhere around.  I am stressed so bad on a daily basis just giving constant reminders as to how to behave that I am falling asleep and so mentally exhausted by 7 each evening. I am usually out by 8:30.  Not normal for me.

I keep waking up hopeful that the next day will be better.

In our homeschool this week....

We have actually been able to keep up on things.  We are currently right on track with all of our projects. We started our Ethiopia study for World Travelers Club.  Joey and I will be starting  the short popcorn study from Amanda Bennett at his request.  We made popcorn in a kettle and created popcorn art yesterday for National Popcorn Day.  We did Martin Luther King Jr projects on Monday and studied the State of Alabama this week.  We put up a State Capital Chart to try and start remembering the Capitals.  And we had to move our timeline because the spot was not working.  We did update that also.

Places we are going and people we are seeing....

Joey had med check this week.  And he also had Agility Therapy and Basketball Practice.  The girls and I went to storytime at Barnes and Noble yesterday and a field trip to a flower shop later that day with our Girl Scout Troop.  Due to the impending snow storm this evening into tomorrow morning, I do not have high hopes that we will get to go to the Basketball Tournament tomorrow.  5 inches of blowing snow will shut down travel through the country, and since we are heading almost to the Indiana State line....could be very icky!  Still have plenty of games this month and next.

Things that have not been working.....

With Joey so volatile and Brayden completely off the charts, I again have had to switch school up.  It's a huge amount of work for me, but we have been able to finish our work.  I actually do separate science, health, history class.  Combining things are not working.  I am still using the same curriculum, just doing it multiple times each day.  I figure I'll just keep this going until we need to change again.

Things I'm working on....

Well I have a week now to finish Joe and Lydia's outfits for the Daddy and Me dance next Saturday.  I have been trying to clear our bookshelves off of unnecessary curriculum.  There's a huge stack to list on Ebay.  Still trying to do the 31 Days of Clean, just very behind.  I am enlisting the help of the kids tomorrow to wash down the kitchen cabinets. I figure that will be something Lydia and Caty will love doing.

I'm reading....

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(Those are not paid links...just borrowed the clipart.)

I'm cooking....

I attempted an international meal of Ethiopian meat pockets last night....they failed horribly.  So will work on that.  We are also going to attempt the national dish of Wat tomorrow.

I did manage to get our Alabama meal to turn out yummy.  Though the peach pie crust was a bit tough.  The gluten free creation did not turn out very good.  Another work in progress.  We'll try again next week with Cherry Pie for National Pie Day.

A photo to share....

I tried to get a quick shot of our popcorn going.  Joey was amazed that just coconut oil, a bit of salt and popcorn kernels could make something that yummy!!!

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  1. My children, too...are having heart's tough....and you are amazing to teach so many things twice...I just can', we're muddling through and I'm spending a lot of time on my knees. Sorry about your meal...but the popcorn looks fantastic! we love coconut oil too!

  2. Sorry you are having a bad week. Hoping next week will be better

  3. ohhh.... your popcorn sounds fabulous. HOW exactly did you do it?

    It hasn't been an awesome week in our corner of the world so I am feeling your pain from the disrespect and the fighting! i hope it gets better!!!!