Monday, January 9, 2012

What we are up to this week....

It is going to be such a busy week.  There's doctor appointments, basketball practice, bowling team, World Travelers Club, Sid the Science Kid Day at the Science Museum, and Zoo Class for Lydia.  And that list doesn't include my volunteer commitments and work commitments.  Ugghhh....the second week of the month is now officially the craziest time of the month for us.

But this is what we will be up to this week.....

World Travelers---Joey and Lydia are going to be working on their Korean projects.

Math---The boys will be returning to Teaching Textbooks.  And Lydia will be working on counting by 10s in her Math U See materials.

Handwriting---Strange facts copywork for the boys.  Lydia is working on her Handwriting without Tears.

Science--Nervous System

History--The first Jews

Art--Drawing from photographs

Health--Grains and beans....we will be making homemade non-granola bars and doing collages with different beans (for art)

All kids are now working on various levels of Reading Eggs.  Even Caty is starting on early phonics.  I am letting her play loosely so that she is getting more phonics help.  My hopes is this will help keep her from struggling in this area like Lydia is.

Reading--Lydia will be working still on her Reading/Phonics books

The boys will continue to practice facts and spelling in Big IQ Kids.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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