Monday, January 16, 2012

What we are up to this week....

I have the copies made (for the most part) and my schedule made up.  Let's see if we can stay on top of things!

History--We are going to be looking at Ancient Babylon

Science--We'll be working on Genes and our Senses

Art--We are going to do a Still life and popcorn Art for National Popcorn Day

Bible Study--We are going to look at the life of Job, Abraham and Issac (and how they remained faithful under trial)

US Geography--Alabama 

World Travelers--Ethiopia (this week, just locating and flag info)

Math--Boys continue Teaching Textbooks and Lydia is continuing MUS Primer.  She's working on Lessons 21 and 22

Reading--Lydia will continue site word practice, and using Reading Eggs.  We will also be using All About Reading Level 1 starting this week.  Watch for the Upcoming Review.

American Girl Club--We will be working on weaving and why sheep were so important to Josefina's family

Reading Comprehension--Boys will be continuing with Reading Eggspress

Spelling--The boys have been using another program, and have gotten bored with it.  So we are going to try another spelling program.  They will also be restarting their All About Spelling program, which we discontinued to try another program...which didn't work for them.

Health--We will be looking at the difference between Real and Processed Foods.  They will be using food circulars to create food collages of real vs. processed.

Language Arts--Adjectives

Joey has requested a goo project this week also.  So we are going to do the Cornstarch and it a liquid or solid project this week too.

That's another week for us....See you at our Accomplishments

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