Monday, January 2, 2012

What we are working on this week..

I seem to be running behind on my blog for the last week.....ughhhh I hate the cold of winter :)!

So we are officially hitting the books back this week, after taking another impromptu week off.  I wasn't really planning on taking time off, it just happened.

Science--Digestive System
World Travelers--Study and locate Korea
Music--Kinderbach and also looking at music from the Baroque period.
Art--Art with a Camera
Health--Importance of Veggies
History--First Sumerian Dictator
Winter--Why do we have seasons and hibernation

Lydia--In Math she will be working on counting by 10s and adding by 10s.  She'll continue with Reading Eggs, and finish yet another Map.  And in Reading she will be working on a story about Ants.  And telling the difference between fiction and non-fiction.  

Joey & Brayden--Joey is using Reading Eggspress for Comprehension.  We will most likely be starting Brayden on this program also.  It seems to be covering vocab and comprehension very well.  They will be working on Strange Facts copywork cards from Homeschool bits.  In Math they will be completeing their calendar workbooks and moving back into Math U See.

It is so scary that I never feel a lack of something to teach, just stressed at trying to teach them all I think they need to know!!!

Everyone have a wonderful first week back!!

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  1. I always feel like I have do many things I want my children to know but so little time. Not just in a day but in their life span. Life is learning but I feel that I have o much I want them to learn before they are of on their own.

    Everything I learned, And everything I never had the opportunity to learn