Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our weekly accomplishments and triumphs

We had an unschooling week.  The second week of the month is horrible for sit down schoolwork.  So not only am I going to work at re-doing our school weeks, but we are going to try a new approach to things also.  Shocker...changing what's not working.

We had World Traveler's Club this week.  All the kids worked on their Ethiopian projects.
The girls painting their gourd storage containers.
 Here's Caty's finished necklace.
Joey decided to talk about food in Ethiopia.  He was fascinated by the Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods episode on Ethiopia.
Here's their flags and Following the direction sheets.
Their geometric design sheets.
 Here's our SuperBowl Party spread.  It was just us and we had the game streaming on a computer.  And we watched Treasure Buddies on the big TV in the living room.  It was just an excuse to eat a bunch of buffet junk food.  Although the chicken fingers were homemade and healthy.  The caramel corn was homemade and healthy.  And the Shrimp cocktail sauce was homemade also.  I could have ate just shrimp and the cocktail sauce all evening.
The library branch that we visit the most often held a Fancy Nancy Tea Party this week.  The girls are all dressed up and ready to go.
 Here we are.  Next year I am going to dress up too.
 A friend used this book a couple of weeks ago, and I knew we had to try it.  Joey and I worked with it this week.  It worked out perfect since Joe was supposed to eat a high amount of apples and bananas to help with his gout attack.  So the kids had snack and so did daddy when we finished!!
 He really is awake in this picture.  And yes I helped him with the knife.
 Here's Lydia doing her presentation at World Travelers Club.  She made her presentation on the Serval Cat and the Ethiopian Wolf.
 This is Miss "Attitude"...I mean Caty.  She was throwing a fit while we were there and very disruptive.  This was supposed to be her first time presenting a project.  But I think we are going to wait a few months to try again.
Here's Joey (aka Mr. Attitude) making his presentation on food.  He had a massive mood swing on me just before we got to the library.
Lydia had zoo class this week, and they learned about Coral Reefs.  We played some Math games also.

Next week we'll be working on a new way of doing things.  New Science and an adjusted schedule.
We'll see what we accomplish next week!

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  1. love your pictures, we just got apple fractions to work on too!