Sunday, February 12, 2012

What we are up to this next week....

Well I have been putting together a quick lesson plan.  I know kind of what I would like to accomplish, but let's see what we can do.

Math--Teaching textbooks (the boys) and Math U See (Lydia)
Science--Super Charge Science--We are going to start Scientific Method
Health--We are going to talk about microbes and parasites.
US Geography--New Mexico
Art--Artists Draw Experience
World Travelers Club--Thailand
Phonics/Reading Comprehension--Reading Eggs

We are going to learn about Maple Syrup.  I won a Maple Syrup Making DVD and we are going to spend a couple days learning about maple syrup and how it was originally created (using parts of this really cool lesson plan).

The girls and I are going to do Five in a Row this week.  Our story will be Katy and the Big Snow.

Each day the kids will be assigned a specific website to play on.  We are going to start rotating all the wonderful sites that we have available to us.

I also took a little time today to put together an alphabet box.  A friend gave me this cute little box with all the drawers and all lettered already.  So today I went through their little toys and printed/laminated some pics to add to the drawers.  Here's our finished drawers.  I'll leave these out to play in this week during my one-on-one times with other kids.


  1. I love that alphabet box idea, how cool!

    1. Thanks Holly. I'm pretty excited about it. The trouble is that I am always more excited than they are with neat stuff like this. But we'll wait and see.

  2. That is so cool, I want one. I read on in the Book "greatest homeschool ideas" how a woman sewed back pockets from old jeans onto a bath towel then added letters to it. She would only put in 1 item for each letter and change them each weeek. She said her kids love monday morning to see what was in side. I always wanted to make one but just never got around to it. I do love that idea as well my mind is going a mile a minute right now with all sorts of ideas and games you could do with that cool box!.... I'm jealous :)