Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rowing FIAR---Katy and the Big Snow.

We are finally going to get going on Five in a Row more actively.  I have been watching a friend row all year, and it really looked like so much fun.  We have done Before Five in a Row for some lessons, but the way I did it was a little too structured...I think.  So trying a whole new approach.

I did borrow an idea from Sara.  The girls colored the book cover while I read them the book.  And we hung them up with our vocab words for this book.  (Lydia shocked me last night. I kept sneaking in vocab words all week.  We were on our way into Hobby Lobby and there was an ambulance going past running sirens, and Lydia looks at me and says, "Wow...sounds like it's a Three Alarm Fire!" was listening!!)

These are extras we read during the week...we talked about Snow.
 And of course all of our Community Helpers.
 And lots about Big Trucks too.
 You can barely see it, but I printed community helper flash cards from Kid Sparkz.  I laminated them and turned them into 3 part Montessori cards.  I had printed and done winter theme cards earlier in the week with them and they enjoyed them....both girls.  Caty was so excited every time she found a match!!
 For an art project, we dug into the boys monster trucks and hot wheels cars.  They painted with these.
 I warn you...the monster trucks can be a bit messy since their tires can splash the paint up.

We watched these movies on Netflix.

This is our first rowing week.  We are taking next week off to work on projects for our homeschool group's Non-Edible Book Fest.  We are super excited about this next project and it will be replacing our "Literature" units for the next week.  And then we will start rowing again.  We already have our books.


  1. I love all the pictures!

    Sounds like you're super-busy. Have a great week!

  2. I somehow missed this post and was just searching tonight for Katy & the Big Snow ideas!!! I am so excited to find your activities & resources. I will be borrowing a few of them! Looks like a fun week.

  3. I missed this post as well and was just searching your FB page for the printables that you posted to go with this, i still havent found them yet. I do love all your ideas, I too love Sara's ideas with the vocab words and the cover photo, I never thought of having them color it while we read. My kids are not big fans of coloring though...... maybe water colors! Great post. Love the new Sprinmg blog look.