Monday, February 20, 2012

What we will be up to this week.....

We have another full week of sitting around and doing!  Ha!!HA!!!

Literature--We are going to be very busy working on our projects for our homeschool groups first Non-Edible Book Fest.  Instead of an Edible book fest, where there can be large amounts of wasted food, we will be building shoe box dioramas of fun books.  The kids have their books picked out and we have a family book also.  We won't be rowing again until next week.

Science--We will be working on Force, Gravity and Friction.  We will continue with Supercharged Science.

History--We will be starting a new curriculum (watch for the upcoming review).  It's from Truth Quest.  We will be reading stories about Explorers.  Very Charlotte Mason style....I Think we are going to really like it.  We have been using Story of the World, but Joey and Lydia have been asking about American History, and with Lydia reading American Girl books with me.  She is confused.  So we are stepping back from Ancient History for a few weeks to study some early American History.

Math--Each child will continue to work on their own curriculum.  Lydia in Math U See Primer, Joey/Brayden in Teaching Textbooks, and Caty in Team Umizoomi Preschool Math.

World Travelers--We will be discussing Thailand (again).  Finding it on the map and discussing their flag.  We will also be watching a travel video on Thailand and one on their cuisine...yeah still a bit addicted to Netflix.

American Girl--Josefina....We will be discussing marriage and the squash....yeah the squash.  This yummy food was given to the poor gentlemen that was being turned down for marriage.  I won't reveal anymore because some of our Club members may read this post and may not have finished Book 6 yet.  We have our meeting this week, and will be discussing how they did laundry and pinatas.  That should be interesting.

Reading/Phonics--Everyone will continue with Reading Eggs.  And Lydia will be alternating Reading Eggs and Headsprout Phonics.  And we'll still be practicing with All About Reading.

Art--We are a bit off track in this area.  But for a treat this week, I'm taking Joey and Lydia to our local art museum to practice sketching some of the exhibits.  We are going to meet up with some fellow homeschoolers ( a couple of Lydia's little friends).

Since we are getting ready to wrap up our study of Josefina soon, we are going to discuss New Mexico this week...finally!!!  And make some yummy cookies from the Josefina Cookbook.  Lydia requested these and the hot chocolate recipe.  We are going to make some flour tortillas also, that we will be sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar.

Health--We are going to finish talking about all the bugs in our body.  And then we will get to see if our Gluten free Amish Friendship cake recipe will be working.  

Basketball is over for Joey.  He has the upcoming Homecoming game to play in yet.  But no more practice for him.  So we are going to start discussing Archery.  He will be learning from Daddy, who used to compete when he was Joey's age.  Will be good for both of them.

The girls will continue Ballet.  Brayden has Bowling.

Some meals planned for the rest of the week:
Lasagna Casserole
Smothered Chicken
Chicken Noodle soup
Thailand Fried Macaroni
Meatloaf with Fried potatoes
Chicken a la King over GF biscuits
Steak and potato soup
Mashed potato Casserole
Chicken Tortilla Casserole w/ pinto beans

I try to plan some meals with leftovers to carry over for lunch the next day....especially if I am packing lunches for us.  It helps since I am unable to eat out.  And also if we are in a hurry.  I can easily grab out a pan, heat a little bit up for me to pack.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!!!!!

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