Saturday, March 31, 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 43

In my life this week.....
I know that I have not posted a Journal in a couple weeks.   I have gotten way behind in a lot of things.  And unfortunately the blog suffered.  I am going to work on catching it up this week.  

We have been chugging along at school.  I have been trying to not overdo  There is so much that we could cram into our weeks.  So much to teach.  Caty is now officially working through more books.  And she is doing wonderful!!!

My goal is to do some more massive organization in our storage room.  It is one huge mess!!!  I cannot emphasize how messy it is. Oh and the basement too.  I have a week to do it, and that's it.  The rest of the month will be impossible to include any extra projects.

I have fallen behind in my 5K training...again.  Just haven't been feeling well.  Too many fibro issues or something, jogging has been far from my mind.

In our Homeschool this week.....
Caty is loving her Explore the Code Book A.  And we are including some of the Letter activities from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We are working on patterns and number recognition.

Joey is working on his writing.  His typing skills are being challenged also.  We are using an actual writing curriculum, but also just some daily topics to write about.  As he gets more comfortable with this project, we will work more intensely on his sentence structure.  He is using Reading Eggspress for comprehension and grammar.  He started back his Rosetta Stone Spanish also.  We had gotten away from it, and now he has requested to start it again.

We are all working on learning more about Spring including why the weather is getting warmer, storms and weather, worms, what weather warnings mean, and rainbows.  This next week we will be learning more about birds and baby animals.

Lydia finished her Math U See Primer book and has started the Alpha series now.  She is so proud of her certificate hanging on the wall.  She is trying to learn cursive, and so is Joey.  I would just be happy if Joey can read it.  He is having alot of trouble with it.  Handwriting has never, and will never be an easy task for him.  So with all the frustration the last couple weeks, that is why we are concentrating more on his typing.

Brayden is sitting in on most everything.  He refuses to do his Teaching Textbooks, so I have been sneaking in math games software.  Ughhhh....never a dull moment in our house.

Places we are going and people we are seeing.....
Too many to almost list.  We have been on a Glass blowing tour at the Toledo Art Museum (soooo awesome!!!).  Basketball games, the park, Bat class, nature walks. I will start posting pics to catch the blog up.

This next week, an old friend who works for the Henry County EMA is going to show the kids about his job and what they do to keep our area safe and coordinate with the authorities.  He is going to show them the radars they use also.  They are all pretty excited.

Things I am working on.....
Planning our study of Kirsten for American Girl Club.  We had a project for Josefina that we didn't get finished.  So might do that this week.  

Also working on our Ecuador/Galapagos Island plan for World Travelers.  

We are heading back to Nashville for a week soon and we are all getting excited about a week in the Outer Banks in May!!

I want to clean the basement....will have to tackle it one day this week.

What I am cooking....
Lots....we had hm fried breaded shrimp (breaded with rice flour) w/ hm shrimp cocktail sauce and zucchini fries for lunch one day.  Had a really yummy chicken stir-fry.  I didn't add any sauces, because was out of coconut aminos.  But it still turned out yummy.  Had chicken brocolli with rice one day too.

Today I made steak with mushrooms and peppers.  Have been dying for some steak, so having those on the grill tomorrow with sweet potatoes and asparagus.  Also making lasagna rolls, and an April Fool's Day feast.  Going to also make hm corn dogs.

What I am reading....
This is the new book for a local TV Stations Book Club.  I downloaded it today to start reading.

Product Details
I have been reading this for about two weeks now.  (I don't get much free time reading where I can concentrate...and this book requires that!)  But got to get prepped for Season 2 which starts tomorrow!!!

A photo to share.....
I have taken a couple hundred the last few weeks......

Our little fish jumping in the deep end of the pool at our hotel in Jackson Michigan last weekend.  She of course ended up with water in her ears and a fever the next morning.  But she had a blast that figure.


  1. You mentioned that you were sneaking in math games. If it weren't for games,there are times when our homeschool would grind to a screeching halt! My daughter will sometimes do games when she refuses to do any thing else. When she was in elementary school we used a lot of games from Learning Games for Kids. It has lots of short little games, and some keyboarding practice exercises, too. The way I figure it, if she is playing and learning at the same time we are getting learning accomplished, it's all good! Have a great week!