Monday, March 5, 2012

What we are up to this week....

Feeling a bit of spring fever coming ready for those cold wind storms to be over for the year.  I know I should be grateful for the mild winter we have had, but those cold high wind days....I find myself dreaming of spring!

We are going to continue with our regular math programs.  Lydia is 2 lessons from finishing her MUS Primer and then we'll move right in to Beta.  Joey still has a few lessons to finish his Teaching Textbooks and then we will be concentrating for a few weeks on basic math facts.  Emphasizing addition, subtraction and division.

Our big project though we need to finish is Joey and Lydia's project for World Travelers.  They have chosen the same subject, and will be presenting two different parts of it.

They will all continue with Reading Eggs.  Lydia will do 2-3 lessons on Headsprout Phonics also.

Joey and I are going to finish our Iditarod reading and hopefully be able to track some of the race this week.

We won't be officially "rowing" a Five in a Row book.  We are going to do a Hansel and Gretal unit that I have been wanting to do with them.  But we will do it FIAR style with vocab words also.

In History, we will be watching a belated movie on Vikings.  And reading more about Christopher Columbus and discuss the confusion of where he actually discovered.  It was North America, not the US as seems to be shown loosely by most.

Science we will be watching some videos from Bill Nye on Motion and Gravity.

If we have time, we will be working on our library essay.  And even try and fit in our more US Geography unit that we missed last week.

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!!

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