Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our weekly triumphs and accomplishments

It was a week that swung between obnoxious whining and cooperation.  But I guess it wasn't a week too much different from

We worked our way through our Math lessons.  Lydia has started to conquer counting by 5s.  I was doing a little happy dance with her when she starting counting the spaces without even realizing it.  Goooo Lydia!!!

We worked a bit on Thailand.  We started our project.  Lydia and Joey are doing a cross-project on the same subject. Each one is going to talk about a different area.

We learned a bit about the Age of Discovery in history.  We finally got our Vikings DVD from Netflix, so we are going to finish up a bit more on Vikings this weekend.  And then we will learn more about Columbus next week.

We rowed our way through Robert Frost poem.  The kids had fun.

Caty is trying a finger guide on her pencil.  She is still learning grip and struggling.  I found these and they seem to work great for her.  Just a soft guide with a star where her finger and thumb go.

 Here she is working on her counting bears.
 Lydia is super excited to start her violin lessons next week.
 Here is Lydia's Girl Scout troop delivering food donations to a food pantry in Toledo.
  Joey's final basketball game of the season was Friday night.  Here he is coming on the court.  It was fun, and also their homecoming.
 Joey with another player and a counselor from his summer camp, Barb.
 They had their team picture taken too.
 We let Joey stay at the dance for a little while tonight.  It's a big deal, and it was fun!  Joey took Joe and I's picture.
 On Saturday, we had another field trip.  We visited an eye doctor's office to learn more about eye care and how important it is to take care of our eyes.

Of course they had to try on glasses.

 Here's a picture of the inside of Lydia's eye.

 And then we headed to a pool party hosted by their friend Amelia and her mom Deb!!!
 Even Brayden got wet.

 There is a gym attached and they played and played until exhausted!!

And now to start another!!!  

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