Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another week update.....

We tried the coloring changing milk experiment.  Unfortunately...all natural dish soap does not work as well.
 The milk moved a bit, but not a lot.  So we got some other dish soap from Grandma and it worked.
 Really well.
 Isn't that pretty!!!!  If you haven't seen these experiment, here's a link for Coloring changing milk.
 The books we read while learning about earthworms.  We used these books to complete sections from the Homeschool Share Earthworm book.
 Joey is working on his new science curriculum.  Still in the early stages, working on measurements.  Watch for our review.
 Our new parakeets, Kiwi and Sweetpea.
 Working our way through spring.  The girls made rainbows while I read them a book.  We used scrapbooking punches to make different shapes for our rainbows.
 I drew guides to help Caty.
 The books we were reading.  The Minnie Mouse was quite cute!!!
 More on the weather of Spring.
 We also tried an experiment for Girl Scouts.  We made plantable flower seed paper.  Still wondering if it's going to work.  We have it planted.

 Kind of gross looking!
 The books we read to go with seeds.
 We are learning about Ecuador this week for World Travelers Club.  So our international meal for Ecuador was a simple potato patty and fried plantains.

 Lydia finished her poster for American Girl Club on Josefina.  She learned about sheep, their food, houses and clothing.  Also what it means to 'give a gourd'....not a good thing.
 We made these cute foam flowers to hang on our porch windows.  They are just foam pieces I cut out and they attached buttons for centers.  The girls put them together with glue dots while I read them a book.
 Joey got to play in the local Cage Classic Game for Special Olympics.  Unfortunately it was so late by the time the team got to go on the court that he was unmedicated and very upset!!!  But he had fun he said watching the other teams play.

Of course, I didn't take their pictures during math and reading time...lol.  They are getting so used to me asking them to smile that they all have prepared smiles ready!!

Have a great week.


  1. The color-changing milk really is pretty!!

  2. good to know about the all natural dish soap, we were going to do that this week. I guess i will see if my neighbors have the bad stuff for us to use!