Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Glass Blowing tour at Art Museum

We have been wanting to do this for a while.  And finally got a chance to do this.  Our local art museum offers glass blowing demonstrations.  So of course...field trip time!!

 Aren't these the coolest sinks!!
 Some of the exhibits.  A few are local artists.

 Our tour group.

 This chandlier was created by the museum artists.  Each "stem" was hand created and added.

 Our demonstration.  The oven on the left stays on 24 hours a day.  It contains the liquid glass.
 Can you see the glass string?

 Must always keep it spinning.

 They still use tools that were used from the beginning of glass shaping.  They are made of cherry wood, so replaced a couple times a year.

 They had screens over our heads so we could see up close.

 To disconnect it from the pole, fire has to be used.
 Then it's put into an oven to cool off.

I had about a hundred shots.  Had to narrow it down.  This was sooooo neat!!! If you have an opportunity to see a glass blowing demonstration....DO IT!!!  


  1. We did a tour/demonstration at a local artist's glass blowing studio - it was great! Each of the kids on our tour got to make a glass marble. I agree it's a very worthwhile field trip.

  2. Love it, I took a glass class in STL years ago and would love to do it again. Everything looks so pretty. Remember to link up to the Field trip hop:) and share your adventure