Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another week down....

Working on pattern blocks while I was reading them a history chapter.

 Watching the 50 States Animaniacs song....they thought this was funny!
 They got new scooters that have light up wheels.  They were special anniversary presents from Mom and Dad.  They loved them!

 Our finished Elephants poster.
 Planting seeds we can watch the roots.
Planting our flower paper to see if the seeds will grow.  This is for a project for Earth Day next week.
 The girls and I learned about butterflies, and watched the movie in the picture.
 While watching the movie, they did butterfly pictures using Magic Noodle foam beads.  Oh yeah...and they had butterfly wing
 Our flags from Ecuador (the country we are studying for World Travelers).
 Lydia practicing her violin.
 We also went on a field trip to the Henry County Emergency Management Agency.  Our friend Keith is showing the kids a weather screen they use.
And some the equipment they use, like these scanners and HAM radios.

We learned all the EMA is responsible for including weather issues, rioting, drought issues for farmers, school lockdowns, factory lockdowns, and so many things that we didn't initially think of.  We saw the "notebook" of plans that companies must submit to the EMA so that the county and the company are on the same page if a disaster is to hit.  

We talked about how to be a trained weather spotter, and Keith shared some wonderful information on how to be safe in storms.

If you get a chance to visit your local it!!!

Of course we did the normal Math, Grammar and Reading stuff

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  1. You guys are always so busy, and have such great projects going on. you are amazing with all you do with your children. I love reading your post