Friday, April 13, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 45

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

What is in my life this week....

Been trying to catch our blog back up.  Way behind.  I think I was only posting reviews for a couple weeks there.  Sorry....but getting back to what need to be doing.  Since we have officially added more "school" time for Caty, I feel the only other things besides school that I do is cook and clean.  Go figure!

I can't believe that it's Week 45!!!  7 more weeks and we will be done with our school year!  WOW!!!!

I am thinking about our summer curriculum and schedule right now.  Trying to write up lesson plans or I should say outline of what we need to do.  I am also thinking about what we still need to get done this year and also thinking about the 3 assessments that need done this year.  I think our assessor can just read our blog and ask the kids about all the  I need to suggest that.

I have decided to give up on my 5K run that I signed up for in a couple weeks.  I really thought I was doing better, boy was I wrong.  Every time I really try to train, I am still having issues.  Health issues that just makes it plain uncomfortable and sometimes completely painful to keep moving!  I am still going to jog and speed walk, but I also have come to admit to myself that running requires a time commitment that I just cannot make right now.  I have too many other projects that I cannot give up on, and that includes my kids education.  I cannot set aside a full hour plus per day to train for the run.  Even 3-4 times a week is too much.  I just will do a healthy amount of exercise and continue to watch my eating and keep processed foods out of my diet (which is not an issue for me with all my allergies).

I also am pretty excited to say I tried to eat egg the other day, and I had NO reaction.  Tried again the next day....NO reaction!!!  So egg was probably not an allergy.  Dairy and Soy definitely are.  I also have a nut allergy that I am trying to figure out. Maybe I'll try onion and garlic...who knows, maybe it was soy the whole time!!  I still will have to eliminate the majority of processed foods due to soy being in almost all of them, but we will wait and see.  I have to say though, that eating a pancake with a fried egg for breakfast on Sunday was sooooo yummy!!!!

I also have been trying to go through our book shelves.  Our homeschool resource sale is Monday and I really would like to get rid of a lot if possible.  I am running out of room!

In our homeschool this week....

Lydia had zoo class this week.  And we all had World Travelers Club, where we learned more about Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.  On Monday, Lydia and I had a field trip the a local Landfill and Wind Turbines.  We had a real eye opener about the importance of recycling all that we can!!!

Joey is working on his personal Bible study more.  Ok, he and I are working on bible study more together.  He is doing his best at trying to understand, and this is all at his request.  So I am very, very proud of him.  

Places we're going and people we're seeing....

We had a field trip to the Landfill and Wind Turbines to learn about recycling.  And we also had Zoo Class. It's a bit sad, our last one of this school year because the final project fair is while we are on vacation in North Carolina next month.  Lydia has finished her project though for display.  Zoo class is something we'll continue doing.  She really enjoys it.

I'm reading.....

So I am trying to read.  I am working on 3 books right now and considering adding a 4th.  But haven't decided.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

I, of course, and a huge Game of Thrones fan.  Swamplandia is for a local TV station book club and we watched the movie for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...and I sat confused almost the entire movie.  I am hoping the book will help with that confusion.

I'm cooking.....

I made chicken wings.  We grilled corn on the cob.  Had eggplant parm and I even made a chocolate cake that was dairy and gluten free.  And best of was edible!!!  I also am working on perfecting a chicken a'la king recipe.  Almost there...yummy!

A photo to share....

We made balloon birds....Caty kept making her parrot fly.  It was fun!

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  1. Sounds like you have had a busy week. I tried to become a runner about a year ago. I felt like my body was falling apart - I understand how you feel. I am sticking with the walking. Thanks for sharing your week

  2. Balloon birds.... well that sounds fun!