Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

Caty is really enjoying the Explore the Code series so far.  I have been printing Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week Activities to go along with each letter.  She is really liking those.
 This is our letter "B" poster.  We are doing one for each letter we are studying.
 Our Naked Egg experiment....we included one brown egg.
 We had to leave the eggs for a second day because I covered them.  But if you notice the egg in the middle on the left was the brown egg.  No more brown.

The shells that were left just fell off in our hands.  One egg exploded.
But we could see through their shells.

Did they bounce??

Even Brayden got into this experiment.  Apparently he has something about dropping eggs.  I need to keep an eye on that one!

We also learned about National Symbols.

Lydia chose to learn about the Greater Flamingo for her Wold Travelers Project.  I had found a balloon bird  kit a while ago on clearance.  Perfect activity for a day that mom just wasn't feeling great.

Caty made the parrot...she was throwing him all over watching him fly!
Our newest American Girl to study is Kirsten Larson.  With winding down our school year and being so busy with spring stuff, we probably won't be doing as much with poor Kirsten.  But we did start listening and really enjoying these books.  And we started the pillow sewing project from the Kirsten Craft Book.

We had leftover material from Daddy's tye dyed vest..perfect!!!
Here's her flamingo poster.
Their finished birds so far!
We also continue learning about explorers of the Americas.  The next week we concentrated on Sir Walter Raleigh since we will be visiting Nags Head, North Carolina in a few weeks.  We learned some new things about the Lost Colony...and Lydia is determined that she is going to find them while we are there!!   One cool fact we learned is that it is thought they landed near Bodie Beach, and we will be staying near there.  Joey thought it was neat that he may be walking in the same spot as the first European settlers in America.  The National Parks department has some wonderful information that we are using, this is a coloring page from the Dover Coloring books.  Of course the kids are going to turn in their papers for their Junior Ranger Badge!  Another plus for the flexibility of homeschooling!!!
Joe read about the Avenue of Volcanoes for his World Travelers Project.  Did you know that Ecuador has over 78 active and dormant volcanoes???
A movie we are watching to go along with our study of Kirsten.  They seem to be Swedish even.  We haven't gotten very far into it yet.  But at least it is appropriate for their
Another week down....and just a few more to go in our 2011-2012 school year.

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  1. Love the balloon projects, they are so cute! Looks like you have a great week!

  2. Looks like they had a blast with the egg experiments!!