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A Science program for Joey......



Joey has been asking about Chemistry for a few months now.  And I have kept putting it off because it's hard to find a Science program that keeps his interest.  Too be quite honest, I had no desire to spend any more money on programs that we were not going to use.  I admit I was skeptical when I had the opportunity to review Christian Kids Explore - Chemistry.  I needed a program that would allow Joey to work somewhat independently, yet still allow me to "teach" him.

I can say....Christian Kids Explore - Chemistry is exactly what we needed!!!

Teach chemistry to kids in grades 4 to 8 with Scripture integrated from cover to cover. Comprehensive workbook authored by trained educators provides 30 lessons, each grouped into five units. Vocabulary words and materials lists are provided for each section, with every lesson clear and easy to follow. Creatively illustrated, well- organized, and presented from a biblical world view - indexed, with author bios included.

30 Lessons in five units
  • Hands-On Activities: including making model atoms, breaking covalent bonds, and making gas expand.
  • Chemistry Terms, Notations, and Rules
  • Unit Reviews
  • Supplemental Book List
  • Coloring pages
Joey has been able to easily read over the short lessons by himself.  And then we re-read or review the lessons together and work on the worksheets together.  Everything is easy to understand and allows him to learn a bit more independence.  

You can supplement very easy with extra books from the library if your child would like to investigate a subject further.  We also bought the recommended supplement

The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, 3rd edition

This book is by no means needed, but it is referred to in the lesson plans to help out for extra information.  Joey likes this book also.

We were given the PDF of the Chemistry series.  So we printed out his book and put it into a 3 ring binder.  He is able to add any extra vocabulary words he looks up extra info about and the binder allows him to have a solid workplace.  I know that I could do that with other PDFs, but the print on this book just seems easier for him to read, and there is plenty of space for him to write.  And that is something else that is very important to Joey, since handwriting is difficult for him.

You can see in the picture.  He was able to work independently on this lab and is filling in his journal pages with his results.  I was nearby listening and watching to see if he needed help.  He was very proud of his ability to do this on his own.  

Still not sure if this would work for your family......check out some samples here.  The Contents of the Chemistry title are listed here.  

This program will really give him a strong foundation to continue building on with his Chemistry education.  It is meant to be used by kids in Grades 4 -8, so late elementary through junior high.  

Perks....The supply list is given right away, so I can gradually pick up extra of what is needed.  But there is not a bunch of unusual items that I need to get.  The last program we tried had me digging around Radio Shack for something even the sales associate was having trouble finding.  And I cannot emphasize how wonderful it is for him to feel that sense of confidence that he can work independently on his work.  (Yeah I still need to be on hand, but not because of the material in the's just a Joey thing).   

Did I mention that each lesson is takes very little time!!  We can do science in a 2 day period, unless we feel that we want to add extra information.  But if your child has a longer attention span than mine, you could have science done in 1 day per week.  I also like the lesson plans laid out for me.  Easy for me...less time on planning and more time spent with the family!

This program can easily be used with a wide range of kids.  Coloring pages are available also.  You could have younger kids coloring, while you are teaching.  They are learning also along with the older kids.  Younger ones may need help in filling out their worksheets, but what I did was have Lydia do her own Journal drawings.  She drew what vocabulary words meant on lined paper, and we included them in her notebook.  And there are few kids that will turn down science experiments.  Each lesson contains an experiment.

This program is written from a Christian standpoint.  But you can choose whether or not to include or emphasize that in your daily lessons.  A memorization verse is given in each lesson plan.  

Sound like something that will work for your family.  Be sure to check out the products available online.

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry is $39.95.  That includes a cd-rom that includes daily lesson plans, supply list, all reproducibles, and a bonus literature study guide.  

After we finish Chemistry, this will definitely be a science series that we stick with!!  They offer Physics, Earth & Space, and Biology.

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*****Disclaimer......I received Christian Kids Explore Chemistry from Bright Ideas Press free of charge for the sole purpose of this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The views I have expressed are my own and are real experiences with my family. I am disclosing this is accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255>:"Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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