Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Weekend away......

So we went away with the family for our Circuit Assembly Convention.  And because it's a hotel, and because we do not have any real answers to Autism....Brayden came with minimal whining.  He even got in the pool a couple times on his own terms.

And Daddy was nice enough to get in with them because the water was a bit chilly for me.
They all had fun!
Lydia was having a blast jumping in the deep end (something like 8 foot!)
And of course Daddy made it even more fun!
Our niece was even in on the fun.
But they easily had a place to crash for some quiet time away from the craziness.
This was the Loaded pizza that Joe and my brother enjoyed the second night there....pretty sure that everything was on it and then some!  It smelled awesome!!!
The hotel had a small miniature golf area.

This is our niece (Bryce) and nephew (Blake).
They pretty much ran all over the holidome area and there was some adult within sight of the kids at all times.
Joe and Bryce
Blake and Bryce brought scooters that the kids were running all over.  The hotel was rather empty, so it was nice.
There was also a play area with some preschool type toys.

Brayden even attempted golf!

Caty working on the 2 wheeled scooter...this is her first year graduating to the a "big kid" scooter.

While I would never...never...never...NEVER...recommend the Avalon hotel in Jackson, Michigan to anyone (especially after watching the warrant officers at the front desk trying to find the person who they wanted to arrest, and the front desk clerk did not want to cooperate)!!!  It was like camping with electricity and fuzzy cable TV.  The floors were icky and the rooms were dirty.  We all made the best of it and still had fun together.  I guess that's what makes a family trip!

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for giving us another memorable experience!!! love you!!!

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