Monday, April 16, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

We are going to have a 3 day week this week.  Lots of stuff to get done!

Math - He is going to finish Teaching Textbooks.
Grammar - Write Shop (Watch for the Review in May)
Reading Comp - Reading Eggs
Handwriting - Getty Dubay
Spanish - Continue with Rosetta Stone
Digital Photography book

Math - Teaching Textbooks
Grammar and Reading Comp - Reading Eggs
Handwriting - Getty Dubay

Math - Math U See
Grammar - I purchased a copy of Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind  used for only $5.00.  I was pretty excited for such a deal.  We will be starting that.
Phonics - Reading Eggs
All about Me Book
Handwriting - Getty Dubay
Digital Photography book
Finish her Kirsten pillow, she may also get to do a Rag Doll depending on time.

Explore the code
Team Umi Zoomi Math books

Project and Science - We are starting our Ocean study unit.  This will incorporate Science also.
History - Finish project on Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week full of educational opportunities!!!!

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