Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary to our Family!!!

Our family has a tradition of celebrating the start of our family by including the kids in our anniversary celebration.  My parents anniversary is March 29th, ours is April 4th and my brother & sister-in-law's is on April 10th.  So we have a huge family celebration.

This is what the kids walked into at Grandpa and Grandmas that morning.

 But there was still more coming in!
 Joey and Brayden just staring at the pile.

 Caty excited for more babies!!!

 Brayden loves playing with spinning ramps.  Anything that spins.  This has lots of that!
 Lydia got the doll she was wanting.
 And so did Caty!
 Joey loves Phineas and Ferb right now!
 Lydia and I painted the Bat house we made and she gave it to Uncle Bobby.  They had a bat problem a couple years ago that was super expensive to correct.  Now they have a place to live at his house that is not their attic!!!
 All the kids got a copy of this book.  A picture of our Golden Retriever Max is in it.
 Brayden still likes Cars.
 Lydia and Caty made Grandpa cats for his present.  He collects stuffed cats, so he really liked these.

 Lydia made Grandma a stuffed flamingo.
 Brayden trying to teach Grandpa how to use his new Nintendo 3DS.
 Their stash when we carried it back to our house.

It's been a couple weeks and they are still opening things gradually.  But they were thrilled with all their presents.  Caty got her Dinosaur Mountain.  The boys got the 3DS game systems they wanted, and Lydia got nail polish and girlie LEGOS and a new American Girl like doll that she loves.

Another successful year, now to start getting prepped for next year!!!

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