Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some more catch-up....

 Caty is enjoying doing school at home.  We still have issues some days, but she is working on Explore the Code Book A. I am printing extra activities such as these from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
 This was a present from Grandpa and Grandma....we do reading and schoolwork in here
 Another cool present.  This magnet puzzle set.
 We are working on an earthworm project.  Basically starting our own composting bin.

 And growing tomato seeds for Tomatosphere.
 We had a field trip to the art museum to watch the glass blowing demonstration...that's a whole post coming up.
 Lydia and I found yucca root at Kroger to go with our American Girl projects for Josefina.  This is what they would have made soaps out of, but you can also eat it too!

 We pureed it in the food processor and then strained it a bit to make some hand soap.  A bit runny, but made my hands super soft!
 At American Girl club, someone had a real rattlesnake tail.
 Malegros, if you remember Tia Magdalena gave Josefina a heart Malegro in the last book.  And that is what Papa gave to Tia Delores.
 Our friend Grace had these wonderful purses as gifts.  Her father traveled to Mexico and brought these back for the girls.  They were soo cute!!!
 Lydia also had an American Girl Tea Party at a local library branch.

We went to my nephews band concert also.  But my pics didn't turn out real great.  We also did the normal math, reading, handwriting, science, and so forth.  But I didn't take pics of everything.  I guess the kids got a bit of a

Another week down :)

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