Monday, April 9, 2012

What we are up to this week....

So what will we be up to this week.......

Lydia -

Math -MUS Alpha - Working on Lesson 3
Handwriting- We are starting a new handwriting program this week.  It came highly recommended by a friend, and I am hoping it will help my two strugglers!!!
Phonics - Lydia will be using Reading Eggs and Headsprout alternately this week.
Zoo Class - Lemurs
World Travelers - Galapagos Greater Flamingo

Joey & Brayden -

Math - Teaching Textbooks
Handwriting - Same program as Lydia
Reading - Reading Eggs
Grammar- keep working on past tense
World Travelers - Joey - Avenue of Volcanoes

Caty -

Explore the Code - Working on Letter Bb
Math - Number recognition and patterns.  She recognizes to 10, so going to work on 11-15
Handwriting - Handwriting without Tears PK book
Phonics - She likes to play in Reading Eggs too.

Together - 

Bible-Who is Abraham?
Science-We are starting our Ocean Unit.  This will be our project for our Homeschool Educational Fair at the end of May.  But since we are visiting the ocean in May, we are going to take advantage of this learning experience.
History - Explorer Sir Walter Raleigh and the Lost Colony (since we will be visiting Fort Raleigh National Park and the Lost Colony Park in the Outer Banks, NC)
Road Trip USA - We are side tracking a bit to study National Symbols this week.  We started last week.  There enough for us to study just symbols for two weeks!

Lydia has a field trip to a Land Fill tomorrow for Girl Scouts and we have Girl Scouts on Thursday.  She also has Zoo Class this week.

Everyone have a great week!!!!

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