Friday, April 6, 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 44

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week....

This is the first week that I haven't had to drive, oh wait, was I wrong.  I spent a lot of time picking up items I bought online Monday night and Tuesday night.  In fact, Monday and Tuesday I was very grateful for the smooth ride of our new vehicle.  I even gave it a really good bath between appointments.

I tried organic eggs for the first time in about a year yesterday.  So far no reaction.  So maybe the egg sensitivity isn't really there or it has lessened because of cutting out the soy in my diet.  I am still have issues most days, but not as many with food sensitivity, just regular unknown issues.  So tired of going to the doctor and paying a specialist to only get told that I need to go to this doctor or even better, drive to a clinic 4 hours away to maybe...just maybe find an answer.  Where's House when I need him!?!?!?!

I still am busy...busy...busy....and struggling to keep my head above water.  But I am trying.  I am working hard at planning our Bowl-a-thon for Special Olympics and other activities on that our Booster Club board is working on.  Also working on a Resource Sale, planning several field trips, planning club activities, several upcoming away from home trips, and that is all on top of planning daily curriculum.  I gave up on my 5K.  I am still going to run a little and do a couple, but we have to go out of town for the one I am registered for.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.  I promise to start trying to practice saying no.....NNNNNNoooooooo.  Yeah, we'll see how long that!

In our Homeschool and Places we are going and people we are seeing.....

Lydia and Joey both had music lessons.  Lydia is enjoying violin very much.

Lydia had a play date with some of her little friends on Monday.  She is begging to go back because she had so much fun.

Monday we had a wonderful field trip our local county Emergency Management Agency.  A friend of mine works there and he gave Joey and Lydia first hand view of the equipment they use and all the responsibilities that they have to keep the citizens in the county as safe as they can.  We planned it because of Severe Weather Awareness Week, but it was nice to have him explain that even though weather is a big part of their job, they have plans in place for so many other things than natural disasters.  Joey is now interested in taking the Spotters Training class.  So add that to our to-do list.

We went through general school work, and we are working on finishing our spring unit.  We will do that today when we finish with reading about birds and their nests.  It was nice to not have to go anywhere yesterday!!!  I did miss our Memorial Celebration last night at the Kingdom Hall, but I at least was able to listen on a conference line.  Joey was very emotional all afternoon.  You could not look at him without him either snapping at you or crying.

Lydia and Brayden had eye exams Wednesday.  Lydia does need glasses, for everything except playing.  She has a few weaker eye muscles in the left eye which are leading her to be near sited.  Doctor is hopeful that they will only be needed a year or two since we caught it early.  But it just depends on how her eyes grow.  Joey was only in glasses about a year, so anything is possible.  We need to go and get those ordered later today.

Joe and I went to see Hunger Games on Wednesday.  We gave the kids the day off from school and then we got a sitter.  It was our 14th wedding anniversary.  It was wonderful!!!

My favorite thing this week.....

It's got to be going to see a movie with Joe Wednesday.  We don't get to go out by ourselves very often.  So it was wonderful!!!

Of course, watching Caty trying to get the hang of her new scooter was pretty cool too.

Things I am working on.....

Our County Coordinator for Special Olympics was nominated for the local Jefferson Award.  He was one of ten finalists.  We were soooo proud.  Last Thursday, myself and two other board members from the Booster Club attended a breakfast in his honor.  It was neat to see all those volunteers in one room.  People who give so much and expect nothing in return for all they do.  So have some stuff to work on for him.

Also working on the Special Olympics Bowl-a-thon and other projects for the Club.  I am trying to clean off bookshelves for our upcoming Resource Sale.  I have tons to get rid of that we are not using.  I'm saving a lot, but some of it we won't be using.  So got to start

I also am trying to finish out the rest of our school year.  We school from June 1 - May 31, year round.  Helps us when attention spans just aren't there or we have surprise errands or need to take a couple days off.  Works out great so far.  I just need to finish the rest of April/May, since we changed up the curriculum course a bit in Science.  And then start planning June, July and August.

I'm cooking....

I actually have been cooking alot.  We had homemade beef stew last night that was pretty tasty.  Also may have discovered that I can eat eggs again....whoohooo.  Leaving eggs out of stuff is really hard!  So pretty excited about this prospect.  We had shrimp alfredo at Joey's request for our anniversary dinner.  It was yummy.  My meatloaf bombed....big time!!!  I vow not to make a big meatloaf again for a while.  I think I should stick with meatloaf  Plenty of leftovers that way too.

I'm reading.....

Still working on the second Game of Thrones book.  Watching first episode of the new season Sunday night...amazing how much they keep it in line with the book!!!  Love it!!!

A photo to share.......

I saw this sign the other night...thought it was too funny and appropriate!!!

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