Friday, April 6, 2012

Some catch-up.....

So I feel really bad that I am so far behind in posting about our activities.  Life has caught up to me....and now I am running again trying to catch up as it started passing me!  So I will be posting some catch up pictures of our activities, just so you know we were not just goofing!!

Lydia and I had an opportunity to learn how to build a bat house at a local metropark.  Here the speaker is showing us her pet bat.  I don't remember his name.

Lydia is scoring the inside of the house.
I am by no means a carpenter.  I was expecting a little "glue the pre-cut pieces together" kit, that is until we got there.  We had to cut part of the pieces out ourselves with hack saws...But in the end it turned out pretty good.  Even if I used way too much caulk, but in my defense she told us to make sure it wouldn't leak or let in a draft...and that is what I did!!!

And playing in the little stream set up in the park's nature room.
It was such a nice park that we went back the next day as a family.
They had a snack out, which Lydia thought was cool.
And even Joey touched it.
They dug for "Fossils"

Brayden wasn't happy about going, but we got him to go along anyway.
And we even went for a little walk.
That week we also had the opportunity to see the Magic Tree House music show at a local Book store.  That was fun!!!
Jack and Annie performing a song about how cool it is to read.
Joey and Lydia posing. They got their new Abraham Lincoln MTH book autographed.
It was such a great week for weather, we all went to the zoo too.  (Shhhh...don't tell Caty's preschool therapy teacher that's where she really

The lemur just 'hanging' out!!!
Some really cool frogs.
It was also Girl Scout week.  So here is Lydia on her way with an activity.  We were celebrating a 100 years of Girl Scouts.  Our activity was to see if the girls could hula hoop for 100 seconds.  We did have a very talented girl pull it off!!!

For our 100th anniversary project for Girl Scouts.  The girls spelled out 100.

For her 100 year scavenger hunt activity, Lydia invented a Girl Scout cookie.  It's Corn Chex mix crushed up, mixed with Melted marshmallows and butter.  And at the very end, we added Enjoy Life chocolate chips.
We also worked on this sock monkey for my niece.  The first time I had ever done this.  It was fun!!!

That was just a touch of this week....there's more to come!!!

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  1. Ohh wow Renita!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a catch up this was!!!!!!!!! XOXO