Thursday, May 3, 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 48

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week.....

Well we were finishing up our second week in Tennessee this week.  Friday we are leaving for the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  We are sharing a beach house with family and friends for a week.  It's been 5 years since we have been to the Outer Banks, so we are pretty excited.  Making plans later today with some of the fun things we might do there.  Joey wants to fish, and Jeanette's Pier is offering a fishing session on Tuesday so Joey and daddy will probably go and do that.

Life has been a bit crazy trying to keep the kids entertained and a hotel room.  Not an easy feat because I think all of our kids were born with megaphones for lungs!!!  Still going to the park and visiting places around Tennessee.  I will catch that up in a later post.  We are still finding new things to do in the area after two years of visiting.  We just now started really repeating things we done two years ago on our first trip.

In our homeschool this week....

We are still working on schoolwork.  In math,  Lydia is working on coin recognition.  The boys are math facts.  Caty is working on early graphing and patterns.  Joey is working on a writing program (watch for the review).  So he is learning how to write stories.  Lydia is working on her reading program.  We started learning about Henry Hudson after finishing learning a bit about Roanoke Island colony and Sir Walter Raleigh.  Next week we will start learning about Jamestown.  In Science we are learning about Ocean life and doing an ocean project for our homeschool expo in a couple weeks.  Still doing schoolwork even when not at home.  The world is our  So School is everywhere!

Places we're going....

We have been to the park alot.  We visited a Civil War Plantation that also served as a Hospital during the Battle of Franklin.  Carnton Plantation is a wonderful place to visit and full of cool and interesting facts.  We visited Dyer Observatory, the Nashville Zoo and a really cool Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills Mall.

You can view our family album of pictures at

Things I'm working on.....

Reading...Reading....Reading......Oh and I am thinking about summer stuff.  I also need to work on field trips for summer.

I'm cooking.....

We have a kitchenette in our suite.  So whatever we eat at home.  We are trying to limit eating out.  Yesterday we went out for ice cream.  And Sunday they ate out.  The kids thought it was a real treat since we do not eat out much anymore.

I'm reading.....

Product Details
Am I the only person live who hasn't read this yet?  Finally got to download it last night into my Kindle from our library.

Product Details

Product Details
I borrowed this for my Kindle book this month (I get one free book a month to read with our Prime membership from Amazon.)  Supposed to be a funny twist on living with autism.

I think I am set for the beach!!!

My favorite thing this week.....

Not sure yet....we did have a fun week.  We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame.  We met two singers/songwriters, Roxie Dean and Byron Hill.  But looking at the sun yesterday through the special solar glasses was very cool!!!

A couple pictures to share.....

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