Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

Another week is done for us.  And believe it or not....drumroll....we actually finished almost all that we needed to!!!  Now we didn't study Henry Hudson as in depth as I planned, but we still learned about him.  We just didn't do all the projects that I had thought about doing.

Joey is chugging along at learning his multiplication facts.  He almost has 2s and 3s tackled.  I am trying to get him to memorize the facts.  He is allowed to use the multiplication board, but not a calculator.  I have Brayden working on refreshing his memory on facts.  He is liking using the multiplication board also.

Joey continued working on his Inference Jones workbook and his Reading Comprehension Little Critter book.  Both Brayden and Joey continued working on their handwriting notebooks.

Caty has been having a rough time with something...not sure what.  We are having some minor issues that are causing massive disruptions.  So we actually spent a second week on the Letter M in her Explore the Code book.  Here she was being silly and working on early graphing from Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week curriculum.
I found these glitter paint markers at the drug store down the street on clearance for $1.00.  It was a 5 pack.  She loves to paint, so the deal was she got to paint with them if she finished her work for the day.  It worked!
This was a picture from last week.  But Lydia worked hard at her reading.  She has been working on her Reading Eggs and also Little Critter Reading Comprehension Book.  She is practicing her reading with the little level readers that I brought with us.
She is also working hard on her handwriting folder of worksheets.  And even though she is whining about doing her phonics, I think she may finally be realizing that she is learning how to read!!  She just flew through reading a list of sight words and didn't even realize it!  There are times though...WOW!!  She is just convinced she cannot read and WILL NOT read anything, even words she has known for a while!

Lydia picked out a dinosaur set from the zoo to paint.  Caty chose something different, but wanted to paint too.  So good thing I brought a well stocked supply box!
We worked really hard on our ocean unit.  We read lots of information on the Oceans, both fiction and non-fiction.  We have most of our lapbook pockets completed.  We will do a little work on animals this next week and gather some beach supplies to make our poster for the Homeschool Expo.  Joey drew a picture of a coral reef today while watching the IMAX Coral Reef special on the computer.  Lydia colored a turtle page.  They want to put them on the poster also.

Product Details

We read about Henry Hudson and the mutiny that he, his son, and a few loyal crew mates suffered.  Joey came up with a couple possibilities of what may have happened to him.

There as whining and crying about doing schoolwork.  But no different than if we were at home.  The only thing that we did not get completely done was print out more photos that we had taken for our ongoing photography course from 4H...but I can do that when we get to NC.

This week we visited the Nashville Zoo and their animatronic dinosaur exhibit.  It was super cool.  The kids were sprayed with "venom" and the dinosaur that was "eating" another dinosaur actually stunk!!

 We visited a local history museum for Williamson County Tennessee.  We saw items that would have been in a General Store.
 Mid-1800s cabin.  Which is perfect because we just finished reading the American Girl Kirsten Books.  Lydia and I were able to have a small discussion about the contents.
 We re-visited Carnton Plantation.  It served as a Hospital during the Battle of Franklin.  Daddy had not been there before, so he left work a bit early to visit this with us.  It was neat.
 We also visited the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory....this was great!!!  They have an open house once a month and they took us through and even had solar glasses for us to view the sun with.

I have posts I am working on for all our adventures in Tennessee this time.  Two weeks gave us time to see alot.  But now we are headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Watch for our upcoming beach visit!!!

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