Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cleaning up a room

So I admit I am cheap about things.  I am trying to save on what we buy, but we were in desperate need of book shelves.  The one in the living room was too small and breaking down.  But limited funds were staring at us again.  I went to an auction yesterday though and found some shelves really cheap!  The delivery fee is what killed me since I don't have my van right now.

Anyway, here's the school room clean up I did this morning.  I haven't felt well this past week. Awful fibro issues, so I got way behind and was just restacking all the stuff.  Still recovering from yesterday's migrane, so tried to take it a bit easy today.

Here is the room when I got started....

Joe brought the bigger shelf into the room for me.  I went through what was on the shelf and put things away.

We can use either table easily now.  The desk under the calendar is clean again, and can be used for drawing since the laptop on it is dying and Joe hasn't been able to fix it yet.

And then it was on to my front storage closet.  The shelf I had in there was too big and breaking.  The weight was killing it.  It was actually cracked in a couple spots and leining.  We wanted to mount shelves on the wall, but again funds were low.  And I have not taken the time to run to the Sauder Outlet in Archbold.  But then last week I saw a shelf sitting at a yard sale that was not worth actually using.  If it didn't sell, to the garbage pile it would go.  Those cheap particle board shelves fall part so easily, so I thought, why not pull it apart and use it's shelves in the front closet.  So I collected  a couple shelves, the one from the sale (for $5.00) and the one that was breaking in the living room.  I broke down and bought $18.00 worth of shelf brackets from Walmart.  So this project was around $25.00 plus time.

Here is what we started with: 
 No organization, just piled in because I didn't have any shelves to put it all on.

 Joe installed the shelves between support calls today.
 And then I went through and re-arranged all the supplies.  This closet has science supplies and models.  Art supplies, little project kits, etc.  Stuff we use on a regular basis.  Now it's not perfect, But I know where everything is.  And I will be collecting some more tubs and bins to put stuff in so it looks neater.

But at least I can get in the door, and though the pictures do not do it justice....it is really A LOT cleaner!!!

What a day...But got workboxes packed and Joey's Space lapbook ready for him to start.  Long day, and I cannot thank my hubby enough for installing all the shelves for me!!  It means so much to be able to open the door and get what we need quickly for those last minute project ideas!


  1. Kudos for the hubby! Looks good and I am sure "feels" good too!

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