Monday, June 25, 2012

What we're up to this week....

Always a full

Science-He is starting a new unit on Space using both Magic School Bus Space Explorers and Hewitt Homeschooling Space (watch for the upcoming review).
Grammar- Contractions
Math - Professor B (watch for the upcoming review)
Handwriting - Getty Dubay writing and I am having him do some tracing work to help with steadying his pencil.
Reading - Still working on his Madagascar 3 novel, will be done and start either an Arthur Chapter book or a Choose your own Adventure
Keyboarding - Christian Keyboarding (Watch for the upcoming review)
Reading Comprehension book - 3 lessons this week
Top Secret Adventures - Australia

Science - He will also be working on learning more about the Solar System
Grammar - Contractions
Math - Professor B
Handwriting - Getty Dubay
Reading - Whatever he chooses
Fine Motor Skill and puzzle books

Science - Learning more about what trees need to grow
Grammar - Language Lessons...more on proper nouns and learning a new poem
Math - MUS, she'll continue to work on the 100s board
Reading - Headsprout for Phonics and playing sight word games
Horse project for the Girl Scouts
Manners for American Girls, and we will finish reading Lanie Book 1 this week.  She wants to skip Book 2 and start reading Wizard of Oz then.  But we'll still finish our nature book.  I want to start Julie in July.
Handwriting - Getty Dubay

Science - Trees
Phonics - Explore the Code Review section
Math - UmiZoomi
Reading - Whatever she
I am going to have her play on Nick Jr. Boost when I am working with Lydia.

History - We will finish reading about Jamestown and Pocahontas.  I  am going to have them build Jamestown out of blocks while we read about John Smith and I have some coloring sheets for when we read Pocahontas.

Lydia has an Art Camp on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  She and Lydia have a zoo field trip on Friday.  It's for the Co-op that we are going to attend in the fall.  Lydia also has violin, and Joey has guitar lesson.  

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