Friday, June 8, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 2

In my life this week...

We are struggling and struggling more.  Our 3 week break was not kind to us.  Lydia is off track.  The boys and Caty seem to be able to slowly merge back where they should be, but not Lydia.  So after banging my head into a pillow repeatedly this week, I have decided that a schedule for Lydia is very much needed.  On school work days, we will be following a schedule so that we can get our work done.  The boys do not work well under a schedule.  So I have been really easy going, but I can't with Lydia.

We are also working very hard on reading program.  This is the only area that Lydia is struggling in.  She handles all subjects at grade level and above, except in reading.  Only the second week of school and adjustments being made.

I was pretty excited at some wonderful yard sales we went to today.  Found a ton of clothes for myself and Joe.  You can't beat mens dress pants for only $2.00 a pair (name brand) or jeans for myself for $1.00 a pair.  Got the girls some shorts and sweats, and a winter coat for Lydia.  Bought Caty a bunch of ISpy books at one sale for $3.00.  The retail value of the books new was about $36.00.  Can't beat that savings for books for her to look at in the van.

I am on my ongoing quest to keep things picked up.  I haven't been feeling great the last couple weeks.  I am having some fibro issues, and also experiencing symptoms from my unknown illness.  Seems to come in waves of pain and inability to think clearly or eat very well.  Some days I can't eat enough, others I don't want to eat.  And those days my blood sugar does weird...weird things.  Still trying to stay active though and take the kids places.

Joe will be in Tennessee over the weekend and part of next week.  I am a bit jealous, but we are staying home.  I am making my list I would like to accomplish over the weekend.  On top of my work, I promised Joey I would teach him how to make my homemade lasagna and we will be watching the Brave Little Toaster movies and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  And probably play UNO, Qwirkle and possible Blokus.

In our homeschool this week.....

We fell behind in History.  How sad...because that's my favorite subject.  But pretty much stayed on task and got things done.  I did do a little switching up for Caty.  I printed the Mickey Mouse pack from 1+1+1=1 and she is loving it.  So I found some Farm Animals sheets to add to her social studies drawer.  We worked all over with her this week.  The Letter K was our letter, and we are going to work one more day on this letter.

We are doing the summer reading program at the library in our town.  It's only a couple weeks, so we are going to also do the program at the library we use the most.  No we do not use the one here in town alot.  They do not have access for the materials we need for school.  But the girls enjoy the walk down.

Joey didn't finish his platypus lapbook, but he did learn a new fact about a platypus.  I didn't know that they can shoot venom.  But that the females lose this pouch at a year old.

This was a 3 day school week for us, and next week Lydia will be attending Cloverbud camp 3 mornings.  So need to sit down and figure out how to schedule our schooling around this.  I will most likely just keep her working on phonics/reading and just practicing her math facts for 0 and 1.

We are going to work on our PBS stories this weekend.  The girls and I have been talking about their story ideas.  They are both excited.

Homeschooling reminder to myself....

Go with the kids.  Homeschooling provides such flexibility.  If a child is struggling in one area....take extra time there.  Since we do not have to follow a strict curriculum, we can take extra time and play with the plan!!!  I am reminding myself of this as we work with Lydia on her reading. She is almost there, but so resistant to learn.  I don't want to force her, but I also don't want her to lose the amount that we have gained.  She is a child that you have definitely use a mix of Charlotte Mason and Unschooling techniques all mixed into a pretty bowl.

My favorite thing this week....

When Lydia read a library book almost completely by herself!!!  She needed help with funny and something.  I really like Margaret Hillert books.  They are older, but she reuses those site words to create some cute stories.

Things I'm working on....

Currently my to-do list!  Lots of things to finish over the next week.  Joe is going to be working on our new play gym in the backyard when he gets home from Tennessee.  I also am trying to find a "gotcha" moment for Joey (that's what I call when he realizes that he needs to pick them up) when it comes to leaving Nerf darts all over the house.   I am picking those up everywhere!  They are almost as bad as LEGOs.

I'm reading....

Legends of the Outer Banks and Tar Heel Tidewater
Love this area so much...and so far this book has been interesting.  A lot of legends about the Lost Colony so far.

I'm cooking....

Not much this week.  Made meatloaf earlier in the week.  But since Joe won't be home for a few days.  Pretty simple meals  The kids do not care so much.  But Joey is still asking for lasagna.  So will make one maybe Wednesday for when Joe gets home.

Photos to share....

Lydia playing school at the library.


  1. Ohhh, I just love your library corner. I would love to read a book there!

  2. So glad you are remembering to go at your childs pace:) It is a daily struggle for me at times:) I always think you do a great job doing so many different things for each of your 4 children. Keep up the great work:)