Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Workbox Wednesday--Lydia's boxes

Lydia is our 1st/2nd grader.  If you ask her, she will scream 2nd.  But in all honesty she would be in 1st grade if she was in public school.  She is working higher on some levels, but still working on level in other subjects such as reading.
 Math - She is working on +1 this week.  The index cards are the flashcards we made.

Reading Eggs and Language Lessons.

 More Reading practice.  She and I are also playing some site word games.  She is going to do the reading club for the library in our little town and also the one for the normal library we use.

This drawer is full.  We are working on a horse project for the State Fair and also she is working on a story for the local PBS TV station that I read about the other day.

This is her handwriting folder and our American Girl drawer.  Our club is off for the summer break, so we are doing Lanie on our own.  Today we are going to do a nature collage that is in her book. For handwriting she is working with Getty Dubay Book B, and also practicing writing her full name, address and phone number.

That's Lydia's boxes today.  Oh and she is watching the Big Bird in China video with Joey today too.  I bought it at the library sale for our library.  China was the first country Joey received from his Highlights Top Secret club.

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