Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Science this week

So one of our friends offered to host a dissecting  If anyone is up for's Lydia.

We can't thank them enough for such a wonderful time!
Our frog
This is my niece Bryce....she really liked this too.
They were actually fighting over who was going to get to make the first cut and where they get to cut.
Check out that tongue!
Believe it or not...she was not saying Yuck...

Looking to see what is in there.

When we got home, the boys, Caty and Joe took a look at Sir Hopsnomore.
Then we got serious and started looking at the organs.

We started taking them out to examine things closer.
And then she accidentally squished an organ under the we decided it was good to be done for the night.

Some links of interest.

It was very different experience.   I haven't done anything like that since high school.  Definitely an out of the ordinary school day for us.  

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  1. My daughter would be so jealous, she has been asking for a type of dissection class and I keep putting it off:) I really need to get this done this summer so it can be done outdoors. Great job everyone