Monday, June 4, 2012

Our weekly plan.....

Tomorrow we are going to dissect frogs at a friends house.  I am grossed out by it, but Lydia is pretty excited. I am hoping that it goes smoothly....and Lydia gets to do most of the work.

We are going to our first park day this week also with our homeschool group.  Our dynamic is changing just a bit this year.  I will be fully responsible for all 4 of my children's education and therapy choices.  Caty will not be returning to a "public" school in the fall.  She has been attending a special needs preschool on IEP for speech.  They are closing.  I think she has made great improvement in speech though, and unfortunately regressed in some other areas that we are going to be working on.  Not quite sure why there has been such massive regression, and probably never will.  We will just help her overcome this.

What's on tap for school:

Math-Continue multiplication review using his montessori board and (watch for the review)
Science-Some experiment he chooses from the kit and he will be learning about the platypus this week
Handwriting-Getty Dubay Book B
Grammar-Continued Grammar work with Houghton Mifflin and Inference Jones
Reading-He is reading a Madagascar 3 Junior Novel, and also will continue working on his reading comprehension Little Critter Workbook
Spanish-Rosetta Stone
Music-He'll resume guitar lessons
4H-They will be attending their first meeting this week.  Joey is working on Photography 1 unit for his Fair.

Pretty much the same as Joey, except science.  He will just work on the experiment.  Brayden also does not enjoy Spanish, so we are not forcing him to learn.
Math-He will be finishing his Teaching Textbooks level this week, so they can get started on the next.
Reading-Brayden will be reading some books we found at the library for him.  He reads 15 minutes a day approximately.  He makes sure of it because he sets his Time Timer app on his iPad.

Math-She will be starting back with MUS.  And alternating with the Kumon Time and Money books for review.
Science-She will be working on an experiment and then working on her Horse project for Girl Scouts.
Handwriting-Getty Dubay Book B
Grammar-Language Lesson 
Reading-She will be working with Reading Eggs and of course  She also is using a Little Critter Reading Comprehension Workbook
Music-Continue to practice her violin
4H-She will be starting 4H, but won't be working on a project.  She is a Cloverbud.
American Girl-We started reading Lanie Books.  We also bought the Cutest Nature Book Ever, and started working on that.  She will continue this.

Math-Team UmiZoomi Math and montessori shape activities
Science-Something with the big kids and she will be sitting in on the nature stuff with Lydia
Handwriting-Handwriting without Tears PK book
Nick Jr. Boost activities
Speech/Language therapy-Super Star Speech

That's our week in school.

For our lunch and dinner menu:
(I'm just particular order)
Egg Drop Soup and General Tso's w/ rice
Cinnamon chicken
Cold meat sandwiches
Chicken and pasta
Grilled pizzas
Lemon Chicken Soup
Beef Stroganoff
Pizza spaghetti
Beef rib on the grill

Our alternating breakfast right now are:
French toast
scrambled eggs and ham
Bagels or english muffins w/ cream cheese
Homemade doughnuts
Breakfast tacos

I am trying very hard to stick to our menu, we are a little off this week, but haven't ordered out for Joe and I.  The girls were at a sleepover Friday night, so we ordered the boys a pizza as a treat.  Daddy and I enjoyed steaks as a treat!!!

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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