Sunday, June 3, 2012

Family BBQ fun---Another bucket list item

We had built a small fire pit in our backyard last year, and my dad spotted it over the winter and asked to have a hot dog roast with the kids.  So I hustled around and got everything ready....little did I realize just how hot it was that day!!!  I realized it as I set up tons of chairs and tables for food and built the fire.  It was our family, my parents and my brother and his family.

 Brayden came out long enough to have a hot dog.  We basically forced him out.  We set him in front of the fan (yes a fan next to the campfire) to help keep bugs away from him.
 The kids swam while the adults cooked the hot dogs.  I got the fire a bit hot!
 Everyone was enjoying the food.
 And the kids were splashing in the pool.  A little too much when it started getting the food.  So Grandpa got in and played pool inspector...Told them,"No fun is allowed!!!"  He got in the pool in his work clothes.  My mom wasn't happy.
 The kids loved having Grandpa get in with them.

 Yes....folks....those are his very expensive slippers that he is wearing into the pool.  They were thoroughly soaked!

 Of course, mom was mad about the slippers and even more upset when he sat down on her with his soaked clothes.
 Our dog Rocky loves Aunt Lisa.  He jumped right in her lap and wanted some attention.
 Then we added marshmallows for smores and toasted marshmallows.

 Rocky getting some hot dogs from Uncle Bobby.
 Grandpa enjoying some marshmallows.  

 Brayden emerged from the house again because he knew he could get smores.
 This is my brother, Bob.  

It was a fun evening, even in the heat.