Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

We had a great week together.  It had its ups and downs because of mood  But what we doesn't.  We went strawberry picking with daddy before he left for Tennessee.  Caty helped me finish freezing them.  Of course, she ate more than she helped me take the tops off

 We are working on making a really yummy homemade caramel corn that has real food ingredients in it.  Still a work in progress.
 We worked on our bucket list.  Brayden, Joey and I learned how to play a Star Wars Card game.
 Joey finished his Top Secret Adventures book on China....we won't tell who done it though!  He earned his key chain.
 But before we left China, we learned a little about Tai Chi.
 Lydia had Cloverbud 4H camp.  This was her first morning.  It was so much fun for her.
 While Lydia was at camp, we did some schoolwork and Caty did little projects like this one.  She painted dinosaurs we bought at a craft sale.
 Brayden actually played at the park one day!!!!!  He ate outside and played outside.  That was such a HUGE accomplishment....this whole post should be about that.
 While walking around the park, we met a squirrel.  It let us get about 3 feet from it and it kept staring us down.  It was adorable.
 We packed a picnic that day and ate lunch with Grandma.
 Caty is loving the project packs from 1+1+1=1 and Two Teaching Mommies.  If you haven't checked out their preschool packs!!  They are wonderful!
 Another bucket list item...splatter painting with fly swatters.  My niece and nephew came over for this fun.  It went from

 Covered in paint.  I just let them have fun even though my OCDs were in overdrive!
 Caty decided that she is big enough to swim on her own.  It was so fun, and she is learning from the other kids.
 The kids decorated the front door for daddy.
 Lydia finished her story for the PBS Story contest.
 She had a cupcake decorating class that she really loved!
 Joey finished his lapbook on the Platypus

 and we watched a really fun episode of Wild Kratts on this animal.  Next he decided to look at the solar system.
 Here's Lydia's certificate from Cloverbud Camp.
 And the girls had a field trip to a one-room schoolhouse to finish up what we learning about the American Girl Kirsten.

 There was lots of swimming this week.
 And of course snuggling with daddy after he got home.
Brayden went to the library with us and signed up for the reading program.  All the kids are excited and doing their reading daily.  He did his school work everyday without complaining!!  Two major accomplishments this week!!!!

Lydia practiced her math facts and we worked on her horse project.  We didn't get all of our science finished, but we will.

Caty and I should've finished our farm and Mickey Mouse booklets, but didn't.  We'll finish them next week.  And start on dinosaurs!!!

Joey finished two major projects this week with his Platypus project and Top Secret Adventures.  So proud of him for trying so hard to stay on task.

Lydia and I walked in our county's Relay for Life.  If you are not familiar with it, it's a fundraiser for cancer research and to help those with expenses.  We walked with my dad's company.  It was fun...even though it was 5 am - 6 am.  She came home and went to sleep.  This is her with my dad and my niece Bryce.  The sun was just coming up.

Everyone have a great week!!!!

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