Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Bucket List Continues

So we tackled a couple things this week off our list.

We splatter painted.  That is painting with fly swatters.  This is definitely an outside activity, there was paint everywhere!!  Our niece and nephew joined us for this fun activity.  First we put out platefuls of tempera paint and everyone got a fly swatter (not previously used of  I had water out for them to rinse between the colors.

 This started out fun.  And very messy.  Paint drops were flying!

 They started taking all their frustrations out on the poor paper.

 We had papers laying across our yard with drying paint.  We used old scrap paper sheets that someone gave to us.  They are huge.  They worked perfect for this.
 And then things started really getting messy when they decided to paint with their hands and feet.

 Our nephew had fun hosing the girls off from all the paint.
 So now it was a water/paint fight.
 The girls kept getting messy....

 They even got it in their hair.

 My OCDs were off the charts.....But I did not freak out.  I took lots and lots of deep breathes and tried not to scream into a pillow.  But they had fun.

And one more thing marked off our bucket list was learning how to play a new game.  We learned how to play a Star Wars card game.

Follow us all summer to see what we have finished!

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