Monday, June 18, 2012

What we are doing this week....

Another busy week.  This week, Joey has some day camp activities.  He will have typical guitar lesson.  He will also be working on his new Top Secret Adventures----Australia.  Math will be some review problems.  Joey is struggling with his multiplication still.  So another week or so practicing, and then I'll reintroduce division to him.  He is going to start back his chemistry curriculum and of course continue his summer reading program at the library.  He didn't finish the outdoor safety book, so he will finish that also.  We will be working on his 4H project also.  

Brayden is still improving in his work attitude.  The new meds must be working for him!  He is even asking to go on bike rides and will go onto the back deck for a few minutes.  He goes and treadmill and walks also.  Whoohoo!!!  He finished his Outdoor Safety booklet and we are choosing his next topic.  He asked for Indoor safety  Leave it to Brayden.  He will continue with math, and hopefully be finishing his Teaching Textbook level in the next two weeks!!!  He will also work on his Inference Jones workbook, his summer reading program calendar, handwriting, and we will be adding back science and social studies too!  It's been a hard road since January!

Lydia is working on counting to 100.  She can add, skip count, but not count to 100.  That's the next lesson in her Math U See.  She's got her 0 and 1 facts down really well.  She will continue to work on her horse project for the State Fair and American Girl Lanie Nature items.  In Science we will be learning about trees (fits in nice with our American Girl character).  In phonics, we will be using  We have had the subscription, and I keep moving back and forth between this and Reading Eggs for her.  We will also be playing The Reading Game.  

Caty is playing review this week in her Explore the Code book.  We will be finishing our Farm and Mickey Mouse booklets.  And she will be practicing letter form in her Handwriting without Tears book.  She will also be working on the summer reading program.  

Lydia has violin this week.  Since she finally gets to use the bow, she wants to go weekly.  We also have a class at our library about bats that we will be attending.  We are going blueberry picking, and plan on freezing a bunch!  Joey will be going to camp for kids with special needs for a couple days.  We would also like to go and play at the park with our friends, but we have to wait and see.

Weekly meals.....

Regular breakfast stuff (rotating them)
Lunches and dinners (in no particular order)
Egg salad/chicken salad
fried eggplant and green tomatoes
fried fish
Greek style chicken with hummus
Spanish rice and chicken
(leftovers of course from the lasagna)
Beef stroganoff
Sloppy joes
Stuffed peppers
Pizza spaghetti
Chicken and pasta
Shrimp alfredo
Lemon chicken soup

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!

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