Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oak Grove Schoolhouse Tour

Our American Girl Club just finished studying Kirsten.  I know I didn't have a bunch of posts about our activities, but we did really enjoy these books.  One of our members scheduled a tour of the one-room schoolhouse at a local metro park.

Lydia is loving trying to climb trees.

Oak Grove School.  This was the original building that was actually used in 1893, and moved here in 1998.

The Schoolmarm, Miss Osgood (that was her 1893 name, she had a 2012 name too...lol) got us ready for our walk to school.  And reminded us that we were no longer in 2012.
We had to stop and get our water from a well.
Caty carried our lunch to school in a bucket.
Everyone had chores, including cleaning the outhouses.
This is our friend Suzie, she came along with us that day.  She was assigned the sweeping.
Lydia was assigned scrubbing ....  good thing they were not used!
Then she shared with us where the Toliet paper actually was...did someone bring an extra catalog??
Here Caty is rolling up her 'necessary' paper.
Lydia and Suzie in their pinafore aprons and ready for school to start.
Caty is ready too.
All sitting properly and listening to Miss Osgood.
The stove in the school.  This was the heating source.
The drinking water and washing area.
The library.
Since baths were not taken daily, Miss Osgood explained that on Friday everyone would bring their vegetables to share.  They would make a big pot of vegetable soup and the aroma would cover up the stinky smell.
Learning about the original pledge
Caty looking at her primer.
The girls having "reading" time.  Miss Osgood went around to each desk and would listen to them.

Each child was asked to help just like students would have helped the schoolmarm in 1893.  Suzie is passing out paper for penmenship.
Suzie drawing when she is done with her penmenship.
And yes...as soon as we were done, she was back up in the tree.

It was a lot of fun and very educational.

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