Monday, June 11, 2012

What we are up to this week....

It's Monday already!  Where did our 3 day weekend go????  I have to admit...I am exhausted.  So the post about our weekly schedule may be rather short.  I have been working all weekend on the crazy little things that get forgotten, but still need to be cleaned/straightened or just gotten rid of.

He will be starting a new typing program.  (Watch for the review).  He will finish his Highlights book on China.  And work on Math multiplication facts more.  Of course handwriting, and he will finish both his platypus lapbook and his Outdoor Safety booklet.  In Science, he will continue Christian Kids Chemistry.  And he will put a few days in on his 4H project.  And reading also.

Pretty close to Joey.  He is working at finishing his Teaching Textbooks level.  He will also work on finishing his Outdoor Safety booklet.  I didn't make him do the summer reading at the library  in our town, mainly because I do not agree with the way they demand kids be reading at a certain level just because of their age.  I was very upset and almost yelled at the librarian last Monday.  I actually think my questions scared her a bit....but it was ridiculous!  Anyway....I am going to have Brayden work on the same level Science as Joey.

She has Cloverbud camp three days this week.  So we will be going easy on school work.  She will do math facts, Reading Eggs daily, and reading her books.  On Monday we will be working on her Horse project for Girl Scouts and her story for PBS.  Lydia is starting a different science program than the boys this week.  So we will be working on Trees.

We are going to continue her Farm Booklet, and hopefully will get to go to our local Science Museums new farm exhibit that just opened.  I would like to do that Friday, but not sure yet.  We are going to Finish Letter K, and move on in our Explore the Code book to R.  Caty will be included in Lydia's science.  And we will be working on her Mickey Mouse pack and her UmiZoomi Math program.

Lydia and I will be walking with my dad for Relay 4 Life this weekend.  And we are hoping to go Blueberry picking tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon....waiting on the weather.  Daddy will be coming home from Tennessee and might I say the sooner the better.  The kids are driving me crazy, constantly asking when he gets home.  We have a field trip on Friday for our American Girl Club to a one-room schoolhouse.

Busy week...again.

Food this week:
In no particular order.  We are going to rotate our breakfast choices.
Lunches and dinners:
Picnic Lunch
Pizza spaghetti
Hm Fish Sticks
Chili Dogs and coleslaw
Chicken fried rice
Shrimp alfredo
Sloppy Joes
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Chicken strips and pasta (the kids love it...someone always finds something to eat.)
I promised Joey lasagna, but that will be probably Thursday or Saturday.  I need to run and get his special cheese that we both can eat.  Just not going to be in BG for a few days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!!

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