Thursday, July 5, 2012

Co-op trip to the Zoo.

The girls are going to be involved in a co-op this upcoming year.  They will meet every Friday and it will include field trips of course.  This week, we met the group at the zoo to do sketches of the Primates.  Well like the rest of the country, it's HOT outside...HOT for us!  So we noticed the butterfly area tour was going to start and there was a last minute change in the curriculum.

First we visited the Aquarium.  The girls and I had read the Eric Carle story about a Sea Horse the day before.  So they were excited to get to see them.

 Who doesn't get excited about seeing a Porcupine fish that is that huge!
 And of course, the Clown Fish. 
 Giant Japanese Crabs
 A large Sea Star
 And then it was time for the butterfly tour.

 The Toledo Zoo is working on conservation with many area State Parks.  These were going to be released in Michigan later in the day.

 Newly hatched Monarch caterpillars.

 Here's the release of a Blue Swallowtail

 We tried to see him eat, but he must have been too excited and tired of being watched.!
 Then we headed toward the kids area Natures Neighborhood.  This is a cheetah skull.

 They had a little agility course for the kids to run through.

 And there is a little stream for the kids to play in and build dams.

 Then there was lunch!
 We didn't visit the primates that day, but instead took our sketch books to the Aviary and worked on drawing the Hornbill.

Can't wait for more trips like this one!!

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