Friday, July 6, 2012

Homeschool Mothers Journal - Week 6

In my life this week.....

Everyday has seemed like a challenge.  And not from the kids, but from myself.  Haven't felt great and started have massive fibromyalgia issues again.  Things had calmed down some with my health.  So I am not sure if the weather brought it on or what did.  Every morning is a challenge to move, because I barely sleep at night.  Oh the lovely side effects of fibromyalgia...I can't even spell

I am trying to catch up on little things around the house, and plan field trips too.  Have several trying to set up with the Art Museum in our area and even a visit to the local Amateur baseball field.  There's also a radio station, TV station, and even Spangler Candy Company!  Somewhere in all those dates, I need to educate the kids and plan a field day for our homeschool group.

In our homeschool this week....

We have been chugging along.  Joey is practicing his multiplication facts and both boys are learning a bit more about the solar system.  We are working on State Fair projects and County Fair projects for both Girls Scouts and 4-H.  All the kids are still reading in the summer reading program.  They are doing awesome in that area.

My favorite thing this week....

I can't pinpoint one thing this week.  But we have had some pretty funny moments and sayings come out of Caty's mouth.  I did really enjoy stopping by a local farm stand though today with the girls.  They picked out tomatoes, a flower basket, cucumbers, zuchinni, green tomatoes, and they went to pick fresh sweet corn.  The girls thought that was very cool to see them pick the corn we were taking home.  Caty is now trying to guess what is growing in the fields around our house.  As we are driving down the road, she'll scream "There's beans, and there's a corn field."  There's not much else.  We do have a few potato, beet and tomato fields.  But not that many.  You would think that with all her interest in how the food grows, that she would be willing to try most of it.  But she's not....cracks me up.

What's not working for us.....

I need to watch the boys progress on their school work closer.  They are both working in certain workbooks and projects.  I was glancing, but not starring at them.  They were tricking me into thinking they had done more so they could rush to play their video games.  Mom caught on...and now they have some catching up to do.  I am careful not to over load their boxes, but it's just a continuous process with them.  Maybe someday they will catch on.  I had high hope they would be working a bit more independently by now....try again in a few months.

Things I am working on....

Well the heat has held me up some.  Our garage is piled full of projects.  The new bookcases for the hallway (since I have a massive issue with buying books).  Some new school tables that I bought at an auction.  The clutter in there is driving me nuts because we cannot get to the bikes easily.  Of course it's too hot to ride bikes.  So hopefully get that taken care of this weekend...maybe.  It's supposed to be around 104 degrees Saturday.  So probably not.

I am doing some reading also.  Last year, I had read 5 books by this point in the summer.  Way....way....way behind.

I'm reading....

Product DetailsI was a bit upset in the ending of this.  But it kept my attention all the way.

Product DetailsJust started this one.
Product DetailsThis one too.

I'm cooking....

We had baked chicken, chicken fried chicken patties (breaded and fried by me), fried green tomatoes, fried zuchini, chili dogs (yeah busy that day)  I have a meatloaf frozen for tomorrow, and tonight we had giant meatballs with local sweet corn and curly noodles.  We haven't been starving for sure.  There's usually something leftover.  I do have to say that I just saw the word fried way too much in those previous lines...not good....but yummy anyway.  Next week I will have to watch that much closer.

A photo to share.....

Brayden and Lydia were playing with Ernie.  He was letting them put him in the baby bed.  Crazy Cat!

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  1. Popping in from a HSMJ to say hi. You are a woman after my own heart. Books glorious books. My dad specially made me some book cases because store bought book shelves drive me nuts with the amount of space they waste !!! So he custom made me some shelves.

    Love the photo ! Our cat would never let you do that with her.

    Summer blessings to you

    1. My poor shelves in the hall are breaking...I just don't have room for anymore shelves. I desperately need I could stop buying books, but we all know that's not going to

  2. We are busy with 4-H projects also! It's that time of year but the kids love it!!! Have fun and hope you start feeling better!

  3. The heat has put a damper on our schooling as well this week!

    1. We did school work with the A/C blowing directly on us and an extra fan circulating the air around. I don't want to see the electric bill next month, between the AC and the pool. Yuck!

  4. I've been getting all these great books on Kindle for free or nearly free, but I just haven't gotten into the groove reading them like I do with physical books so I'm behind in my reading as well.

    The independent working thing is a little tricky to get going. Even with my teen, I have to check each day to make sure she's done what she really needed to get done, and not decided on her own to just "catch up" later in the week - because that almost never happens!

    1. I love my Kindle and collect almost all the free books. With 4 kids and homeschooling, you never know when you will need and what you will need. The only drawback of a Kindle....batteries go dead and it's usually right in a good part.