Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

Another week down, hard to believe we are 6 weeks into our new school year!  

We worked on pretty average stuff.  Joey worked on his multiplication facts...we're trying.  I am almost afraid to let him move forward in his regular math curriculum.  I am hoping he grasps them.  He seems to get the idea of division.  We aren't practicing those facts, but he is getting the concept.  

I had to step in with Joey and get him to start working harder on his solar system unit.  He was barely scraping the surface of what he needed to do.  He was doing enough to make it look to me like he was moving along great on his project.  Haha...Mom caught him.  We worked on reports on half the planets in our solar system.  Will finish the rest next week.

We are using tap light to create a solar system.  I saw this project at Play at home Mom.  He is decorating a tap light to look like each planet in the solar system, and then we are going to hang them up in order.  I found them at Dollar Tree for only $1.00 a piece.  

 Joey is also working on his 4H Photography project display.  So our school room looked like this....
 And I fell in love with this newest addition to our classroom.....
 To create this with all his hard work this year.

Sunday we went to the PBS Family Fest at our local station.  Lydia entered their Story contest.  She didn't win first prize, but she got  free book for participating....and I found a new book store to fall in love  Here's the kids eyeing some of the studio equipment.

 She received this certificate and a free book certificate.
 Here's the artwork for her story....The Cat Who thought He was a Horse.

Lydia and I worked on phonics, her sight words and of course Math.  She started working on her +2 facts this week.  We are still working on our American Girl Lanie Book and the nature activity book to go with them.  We got a little behind in that.  She and I planned out the rest of her Girl Scout projects for State Fair. The one is ready and I just need to take it to Staples to have it laminated.  But we need to get the boards ready for her other projects and her sewing project.  Now that Joey's is done (we needed it done by Tuesday for his 4H meeting), I can concentrate on her projects and making sure she gets them done.

Caty worked on regular stuff.  She is working on the Letter T in Explore the Code.  And I printed the Scooby Math book for her from Creative Learning Fun.  She loves this book so much....she is a huge Scooby Doo fan!
 Brayden breezed under the wire all week.  I only got his picture one day when he was playing with Ernie.  He worked on his spelling, reading, math, science, etc.  He was working to play video games.  His latest obsession is Super Hero Squad and the online game for it.  

We worked on our Summer Bucket List also.  Our science experiments this week were Tea Bag Rockets, Fireworks in a Jar and baking soda and vinegar balloons.  But that's is a post for tomorrow....

We basically tried to keep from melting all week.  And will continue that.  Staying with our quest to find a schedule that works for  Someday we will find it, and then have to change it.

Everyone have a great week....linking up with other families at the Weekly Wrap-Up.

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