Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family Fun Fest at PBS

This encouraging readers event was a lot of fun, even though it was stifling hot outside.  All the kids were given a treat bag that had a new book in it for them.

Caty loves Dinosaur Train, and thought digging for dinos was soooo cool!

When they found a fossil, they then had to figure out what kind of dino it was.

They had an obstacle course set up.  Joey was one of the first ones, threw a bean bag here and popped a balloon.  Only trouble is the balloon wasn't the target, the big basket it was tied to was.  It was so hot the balloons were popping from the touch of the bean bags.

Brayden even got out and decided to try the course!

And then it was Lydia's turn.  This whole time, Caty was still digging in the sand.  One of her favorite activities.

Joey enjoyed the Wild Kratts table.  They had an animal track activity.

And they all love Super Why!

Even Princess Daddy had fun with these!

They met therapy dogs that were coming to be read to.
Brayden was in love!
Of course they could see inside the small studio.

They had a computer lab set up for kids to use all of kinds of technology to surf the PBS site, including tablets.  I guess I forget that there are kids that do not have access to tablets, we are spoiled.

Lydia found a cutout of Angelina Ballerina.
She was showing Joey a comic strip making program for the iPad.
Brayden finally got out of the stroller and went over to play on the laptop.

Then it was back out to the tent for more games.

Caty decided to take a turn on the course.
Her dress was a bit long for running.

(See the missing balloons...Brayden broke the other one.)

Playing a money game.
Getting tattoos.
Tracking the height of all the kids there.
The had the kids graph their height.  She thought that was cool.

They met The Cat in the Hat.

And Clifford

Waiting for the Award Ceremony.  Lydia participated in the Share a Story contest.

It was a fun day, and even though Lydia was upset that her story wasn't chose, she still loves her story.  I told her we could keep working on it.

We will come back again next year.  Joey was borderline too old for most of the activities, but he still enjoyed himself.  He would come back again too.

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