Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Bucket List continues.....

We are still working on our bucket list for the summer....

The last couple weeks.....

We blew up balloons, without using our mouths or a pump....

We used vinegar and baking soda in a bottle.

 The girls loved this project and played over an hour with it.  They went through about 1/2 gallon of white vinegar and almost 2 boxes of baking soda.  They thought it was funny to watch the piles of baking soda on the table, sizzle when they dropped vinegar on it.  We will have to do this again!
 We played Balloon ping-pong.  We attached large paper plates to wooden spoons.

 This was a hit...and they thought the air conditioner blowing the balloons around was as fun as us hitting it with them.  Brayden didn't like this, but Joey did.
 We made fireworks in a jar....
 Drops of food coloring in veggie oil.
 Dump that into warm water.

 And watch the drops of food coloring "explode" as they separate from the oil and mix with the water. was hard to get a good picture.
 They went with their cousins to collect fireflys.  Does anyone know if all the hot/dry weather is affecting the amount of lightening bugs?  We barely saw any...and that is not normal for our area.

 And then we fell for the peroxide and Mountain Dew hoax.  We tried anyway, and even experimented adding glow sticks to the mixture....didn't work.  Should have done more research.  Guess I found my first hoax on Pinterest.

It was another fun week, we plan to do much more.  I am hoping to ice cube paint, tye dye shirts, bake a large cookie cake for Brayden, and maybe do balloon rockets across the living room.

How is your summer going????

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