Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Weekly Accomplishments and Triumphs

We had a good week.  The boys worked fairly independently this week.  I did discover Joey not finishing his workboxes completely, but making it appear like he was finishing them.  So I had him finish the items in the evening as I was cleaning out and filling them again.  I think he discovered that he couldn't get away with  We limped through learning our multiplication tables.  For some reason, this is just not clicking.  So trying yet another approach.  He worked with Professor B (watch for the upcoming review), and we are using their approach this week to see if he gets it.  Joey started his solar system unit, and Brayden did also.  But with the weird schedule, we did not get done all that I wanted to.  So going to concentrate on that and the space project that I am so excited for him to start.  He needs to concentration on his Fair project though.  We got a few pics though to add to his project portfolio.

Lydia worked on phonics, and I restarted her practicing specific site words.  We played site word games also.  She is doing great in Math, knows her 0s and 1s in addition facts.  This next week, we are adding 2s and probably 3s too.  We are almost finished reading Lanie Book 1, and going through our nature book.  We need to finish it so that we can start Julie.  But Lydia is dying to read the Wizard of Oz also.  We didn't get much done on her State Fair projects.  I have got to get her going on those.

Caty finished up a quick refresher unit on Butterflies.  She loves the graphing activities that 2 Teaching Mommies include in their packets.  We did Team UmiZoomi Math and read lots and lots!  And we started the Letter T in our Explore the Code books.

On Sunday, we did some cleaning around the school room.

Lydia has been learning about Common and Proper nouns.  She really liked this book.

Her Lanie project this week.

One of Caty's cut and paste projects this week.

Lydia is really enjoying Confessions of a Homeschoolers Site Word Searches.

Next we did some stained glass art after reading and checking out the illustrations in Eric Carle's Mister Seahorse.

I ran some plastic sheets through my laminator to seal them and make the see through.

 I mixed acrylic paint with glue and turned the girls loose with some ideas.

 Lydia's is an underwater heart.

Then we used cool looking duct tape to make a frame.

We also attempted watermelon sorbet.  It was yummy, but the kids didn't like it.  Who knows...

The girls had a field trip with their Co-op.  We were supposed to be studying about primates, but we ended up learning about butterflies that day since we got there just in time for the butterfly tour.

They are working on conservation here, so it's not a free flight area.  These butterflies were being released in a special location later that day.
 These are newly hatched Monarch caterpillars.
 They were released a Blue Swallow Tail for us.
 Here he is.  Of course, in nature it is unfair that the mail looks prettier than the female.
 We got home that day, the neighbor gave Lydia a large amount of dolls, clothes and doll furniture.  Brayden and Lydia decided to put the cat in the one doll bed.  That cat let them do it!
We had another fun week.  It always has its fair amounts of ups and downs.  But we finished everything except our history.

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