Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Weekly Triumphs and Accomplishments

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We had a great week.  Yeah we had tears and me a house that doesn't have

We actually accomplished all of our book work.  Unfortunately we didn't get much done on our Summer Fun List.  We did some activities, but we didn't get anything accomplished off our list.

We started off the week finishing up fair projects.  Lydia had 4 projects that she was entering for the State Fair.  They were alot of work to get finished.

The Dangers of processed foods......The lady that laminated the poster at Office Max actually was asking me questions about how to get real foods in her diet.  Bravo Lydia!!!
 Her American Girl Felicity project
 And a Solar Print project.
 We had a field trip to the local Minor league baseball team....The Toledo Mud Hens!!   Joey started to yawn as I snapped the picture.
 My sister-in-law took our family pic.  We had a lot of dad's on this field
 There was learning too...Here's Lydia working on her word wall.  She added 14 words this week (which are not in this picture) between her site word recognition and Headsprout words.
This was History this week.  We are learning about the Pilgrims.  The House on Stink Alley is an older book about the Pilgrims before they left for American.  Then they watched this classic, The Mouse on the Mayflower.
 Joey and Brayden are learning about the Summer Olympics.  We are actually using the Amanda Bennett 4 week study.  But these are some extras we found at Sparklebox.  I printed a poster for each sport and we are learning a little about each sport that is part of the Summer Olympic Games.  We are also learning about a few of the Countries that are participating and famous athletes of past games.  This is emphasized in the book, but since we do World Travelers Club not a main target for us.  My main thing is to learn about the sports and the history of the Olympics.  Joey is reading the Magic Tree House - Hour at the Olympics.  And I am using the Magic Tree House non-fiction Reference guide to go with our learning a bit more about Ancient Greece.  We are using a 3 ring binder to hold all our little projects.  We are doing a print out about each famous athlete.  And on the printouts of the sports, we are answering the questions for each sport that are asked in the unit study.  When we are done, I will bind them all with our binding machine.  We are adding so many pages right now, I thought I would wait until the end to do that.
 Here's our medal chart up and ready for tracking.  There are 79 countries participating.
This was our lemon cake that we made in honor of Greece.  It got a little messy as they all wanted to do it all by themselves....what an afternoon.

They made gluten-free/dairy-free lemon cake for our Olympic honor of the early Olympic games.                                   
We were adjusting the recipe as we were going, so the cake could've used more sweetener and lemon juice.  But the homemade frosting made up for
Joey working on his math worksheet trying to learn his facts...We are really at our giving up point.  We were told by our assessor to just move on with this.  Keep progressing and just use lots of reminders.  We'll keep moving forward with our normal Teaching Textbook program...whoohooo.  He may be able to catch up close to grade level this year.  He is doing great in Math, as long as he doesn't need to remember his facts.
Joey also has a chemistry experiment book that he is working on.  He did a experiment with Swedish fish, instead of gummy bear....because I couldn't find any.  He'll be doing 2-3 of these little experiments each week for the next couple months.
His fish did grow bigger, and as he predicted...the water did get a pink tint to it.  But we didn't predict that the fish would fall apart.

Joey had judging for his project.  He did Focus on Photography #1.  And he did wonderful.  It was interesting because of course Joey couldn't stay on topic and answer the questions that day.  Everything had to be re-worded.....repeatedly.  But overall he interacted very well with the judge.
He was so tired after going through judging for 4H and running errands, that he fell asleep while waiting for his guitar teacher.
We have had massive issues with Caty regressing in her potty training.  We are trying hard to get back where we were almost a year ago.  I was walking down the hall Thursday and discovered this scene.  Turns out Caty figured out her doll could go potty (an issue we didn't point out right away).  Lydia volunteered the information.  They mixed up some juice and Caty started getting a wet lap.  So she quickly stuck the baby on the potty where you are supposed to go.  I just wish Caty was in as much of a hurry for
Lydia did get through all her schoolwork.  Even with all her projects to finish earlier in the week.  She is progressing well with her addition in MUS.  We have almost reached the second section of Headsprout Phonics.  When she reaches Section 41, I am going to let her switch between Headsprout and Reading Eggs.  She is still struggling with sounds and merging them together.  I have noticed that Reading Eggs emphasizes site words and sounds a bit more.  So we'll wait and see.  At least she is starting to recognize more words.  Whoohoo!!!!  In Grammar, she is memorizing her poems well.  She has memorized 2 in the past couple months and is getting ready to start her 3rd in the next week or so in her Language Lessons book.  She has a firm grasp on Common and Proper nouns and can identify them in sentences.  The pronoun lesson is coming up in the next two weeks.

I couldn't sleep the other night, and since I was so alert, I stayed up until 2 am working on lesson plans for the next 5 weeks.  Got them all typed and printed.  

All 4 kids are planned out until the end of August.  Lydia is going to be working on a unit on Birds.  Caty will be learning some of the same sections.  Joey and Brayden will be finishing up their study on the Olympics.  Joey will start a unit on First Aid and also his computer class.  Brayden is going to be working on a Cat project book for the next month or so.  He will also be learning more about penguins, clouds and zoo animals (all at his request....I let him choose his next few unit studies).

Hope everyone had a great week!!!  Ready for next week to start....I am feeling a slight bit of organization

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