Sunday, July 8, 2012

What we are up to this week.....

We have a few projects to finish up.  Joey finished his first 4H project last week.  He has the meeting with his advisor on Tuesday.  I think it turned out wonderful, no matter how it's judged!  And considering the roller coaster he's been on with meds the last couple months....he did Great!  Lydia is finishing up Girl Scout projects for our State Fair.  We have 2 of 4 finished...almost.  I need to run the one to Staples and have it fully laminated for protection. 

Joey will have guitar lessons and Lydia will have violin.  Lydia and I will be going to the Humane Society to volunteer this week again.  Maybe our friend Phoebe will get to come again too.  We hope to visit friends at the Park on Thursday.  And Lydia has a Cloverbud Swim Party on Monday night.  She's pretty excited.

Mixed into all of that...yep we have lessons.

History-Finish up Jamestown.  We are going to read a story on Pocahontas and also John Smith (The kids were shocked that the Disney movie was so was quite funny.)  The are going to build a model of Jamestown with Duplos and Lincoln Logs and use their figure we got from Amazon.  There is a Jamestown Toob and Powhatan toob.  The girls really like them.
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Math--Continue with his new math Program, Professor B.  (The review comes out this week.)
Science--Finish up with the solar system
Spanish--Rosetta Stone (this subject we are always behind
Spelling--New list of words this week.
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Handwriting--Continue with Getty Dubay
Typing--Christian Keyboarding (watch for the review)
Reading--Of course the summer program is still going at our library.

Math--Finish his Level 3 Teaching Textbooks
Handwriting--Getty Dubay
Critical Thinking puzzles and activities
Science-Finish up with the solar system unit
Reading--Of course they are all in the summer program
Spelling--New list this week

Math--Working on memorizing addition facts, and continue with MUS.  This week she will be finding the missing number in the problems (Isn't it too young for early Algebra???)
Handwriting-Getty Dubay and copywork
Science--Trees by the Season
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Reading/Phonics--Headsprout and her site word papers
Language Arts--Language Lessons 
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State Fair Projects--Sun Print art and Real vs processed foods

Math--She is still working on Scooby Doo Booklet from Creative learning Fun.  If she finishes, she'll have Team UmiZoomi Math
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Reading--Of course she is also in the program.  She is loving Scooby Doo books and anything with Mickey Mouse.  
Alphabet/Phonics--Explore the Code Book A.  We'll be finishing up T is for Turtle this week and starting R is for Rocket.
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We may even throw a state in this week too.  Who knows, we'll see how it goes.  We have some Bucket List items planned too.  We are thinking tye dying, baking a sugar cookie cake, make balloon rockets, and maybe even the obstacle course in the side yard, and even solar prints.  Another busy week.

Everyone have a wonderful week, and I hope everyone stays cooler than it was last week!!!

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