Monday, July 23, 2012

What we'll be working on this week....

So I am not quite sure why my post didn't post...but actually completely deleted!!!  So here is a quick preview of what we are doing this week.

I am very happy with myself (and I'm not bragging....just so happy).  I have 6 weeks of lesson plans done.  Now to see if we can stay on task.  Already hit our first road block.  Joey was sick all evening on Sunday night.  We are not sure what he got into.  So he has been up 24 hours now since he couldn't take his meds.  Ugghhhh.....Joe and I are exhausted too, because we took turns trying to stay awake all night to make sure he stayed out of trouble.  But Joey is like the Energizer Bunny.

This is the plan this week.....

Math - Our assessor on Friday advised that we give up trying to master our multiplication facts.   She said we would be better to move back into our regular math program if he just has not "got" it yet.  So we will work on some practice here and there and continue with Teaching Textbooks next level.
Grammar- Time 4 Writing program (watch for the upcoming review)
Spelling - Spelling City and Spectrum Spelling book
Science - Chemistry experiment book
Unit Study- We are continuing our Summer Olympic unit from Amanda Bennett.  We have our medal chart up and ready for the Olympics to start.  We will be concentrating mainly on sports, and the history of the Ancient and Modern Games.  Some athletes also.  I love Amanda Bennett unit studies because so much information is included, but you can pick and choose what you want to use for your students.
Handwriting and Typing - Christian Keyboarding and Getty Dubay
Health - First Aid.  He has been asking to study First Aid again.  I was going through some of the 4H books and found their program to be very educational and interactive for him.  So he is going to start a 6 week study using this program.
Top Secret Adventures-He flys into Ireland for a stay there the next couple weeks!

Math-Teaching Textbooks
Grammar - Spectrum Grammar
Spelling - Spectrum Spelling
Unit Study - Schoolhouse express Summer Olympics.  I am including him on some of Joey's studies also.  But he prefers independent reading, etc.
Science - Brayden doesn't want to do the experiments.  So he opted for a unit study on cats.
Handwriting and typing - Christian keyboarding and Getty Dubay
Unit Study - With Brayden's latest obsession being Cats, he is going to do a 6-8 week study of cats using the 4H Purr-fect Pals unit.

Math - MUS #9 Addition with larger numbers
Grammar - First Language Lessons and her Folk Tale book.  So more on common and proper nouns.  And she will also be learning a new poem this week.  Her story this week is The Magic Fish.
Science - She will be starting a 6 week unit on Birds and Bird watching.  We'll be covering local birds and birds of the world
Phonics/Reading - Headsprout and Reading eggs.  I have noticed Lydia still struggling with Blends when reading.  So we are going to include Reading eggs along with Headsprout.  Also her site words this week are at, be, from, have, this.
Literature - We'll be continuing to read Wizard of Oz and American Girl McKenna.
Handwriting/Typing - Same as the boys, except Lydia wants to learn more cursive too.  So I have a dry erase set for her to practice with while I am reading her Wizard of Oz
Social Studies - We'll be working on our American Girl Manners book.  And also learning about what a city, country, urban, and rural.  Also how communities change over time.

Math-She will finish up her Scooby Doo math activities.  I found an older Scott Foresman Math book to include in her drawer along with her UmiZoomi.
Reading - We are going to read Carl the Dog Books all week
Science- She will be sitting in on some of the bird items the next week.  I printed a Bird theme packet from 2 Teaching mommies.
Explore the Code - Start with Review on Monday and then start Letter R
Alternating activities - Preschool Drawing from Scholastic (to encourage her pencil grasp) and her new favorite workbook--Leapfrog Preschool.

Since we do History as a group, there will be some group and some individual.  We are going to learn about Squanto this week.  We have the movie to watch.  The boys and I will be reading a classic tale on Squanto listed in our Truth Quest History book.  The girls and I will be reading about Squanto on a less intensive scale and also reading Pilgrim Cat.  They will all also be looking at what life was like for the Pilgrims.

Lydia will have violin lessons, and we will also be helping out at the Humane Society.  Joey will have guitar lessons at a new time this week.  We are going to try AM time for a few weeks.

Meals that are planned:

Chicken wraps
Chicken and dumplings
Baked Chicken
Ghoulash with salad and GF breadsticks
Chili dogs (for a quick lunch day)
Chicken ala King over biscuits
Sloppy chicken sandwiches w/ sweet potato fries
Potato Skins
Shrimp Alfredo
Unbourban Chicken
Sub Sandwiches

Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

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